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The Nourafchan Foundation: Joining Forces for Kenya

6 mins

The Nourafchan Foundation nurtures communities in Kenya through a unique model of philanthropy driven by and for the people says Laura Beaney 

In 2010, as part of a longstanding interest, Rafi Nourafchan, a philanthropist from LA, dutifully examined several  Kenyan communities and made a pledge; to create much-needed synergy between the country’s vast philanthropic efforts.

Priyam Global: Transforming Lives of Indian Mums with Disabled Children

6 mins

Michaela Cisney was so moved by experiences with disabled children in India that she decided to make their cause her life’s ambition. Today she runs Priyam Global, a foundation aimed at alleviating mother’s from the poverty cycle so they don’t have to abandon their children with disabilities on an orphanage step. Britt Ashley speaks with her 

If there is one act which seems to capture Michaela Cisney’s dedication to her cause, it came perhaps in summer 2012.

Jane Fonda: Was She The First Celebrity Humanitarian?

6 mins

As Jane Fonda, known to some for an acting career spanning decades, a handful for her 80’s inspired aerobics attire, and others for her political activism, enters her eightieth year she is raising her voice on the global stage louder than ever says Rae Ritchie

At the recent Golden Globes awards, attendees wore black in support of the #TimesUp and #MeToo campaigns against sexual harassment in the film industry that broke out last year.  While this mass show of solidarity within the industry is unprecedented, it is not the first time that an actor has worn black as a form of protest at a Hollywood gathering.

DD Foxx: The Dubai Pop Star Making Music And A Difference

6 mins
DD Fox, pop star, charity, making a difference

Becoming a global superstar, doing good at every turn and singing in the bathroom at a Jebel Ali studio are all in a day’s work for Dubai pop star DD, discovers Britt Ashley

As interviews go, this one is somewhat surreal: Dubai pop sensation DD Foxx in the washroom singing Mary J Blige to me. ‘What do you think?’ she coos as she finishes. I think she sounds incredible. And I also think this may be the one and only time I ever get serenaded from a UAE bathroom.


The Jordan Hospital Rebuilding Lives of the War-Wounded

6 mins

As Jordan’s Reconstructive Surgery Hospital marks ten years of saving the minds and bodies of the region’s war victims, those who have been granted a new lease of life tell their stories to the world through a photo exhibition which will showcase in Dubai later this year. Britt Ashley has more 

It was four years ago now that the car bomb exploded but Amal still remembers it all too vividly.

Refuse, Reduce, Recycle, Reuse and Rot. This Mumbai Resident’s Mantra

4 mins

Meera Shah, a Mumbai based Physiotherapist is trying to make the world a better place by following a five word mantra -Refuse, Reduce, Recycle, Reuse and Rot. Yasa Iqbal talks with her

Meera Shah, a 32year old resident of Mumbai, India took the decision of her life two years ago, when she decided to move to a zero waste lifestyle. Physiotherapist by profession, Meera says that her mantra is following the 5 R’s – Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Rot. She follows a minimalist lifestyle and believes that no one can find anything unnecessary or unusable in her home. From door mats to clothes, she reuses it all.

The Most Heartbreaking Story You’ll Read This Christmas: ‘I won’t stop until I’m holding my and Emmy’s baby in my arms’

11 mins

Jake and Emmy Coates were childhood sweethearts who drifted apart at 18, but met and rekindled their love 10 years later. Sadly, just six months after reuniting Emmy was diagnosed with a rare cancer and died, after they married, last September. Now Jake, 32, of Monmouth, Wales, is determined to have his late wife’s baby with a surrogate. As told to Karen Pasquali Jones

Early last Christmas morning my wife Emmy and I woke up early, put on our Christmas jumpers, watched her favourite film Elf – for the third time that week, then went downstairs to open presents with her family around the tree.