Fantastic LED Lights

If you truly want a greener home, you should take note of other light sources. The bulbs you put into your lamps, spotlights, and cabinet lights should be LED Lighting. This is another easy-fix, but well worth doing as traditional fluorescent lightbulbs are energy inefficient, wasting 90 per cent more than LED lightbulbs.

You may miss the ‘lightbulb’ moment of flicking on the light switch but the warm LED glow reassures you that you’ve made the right choice for your energy bills, and the environment.

While you’re re-thinking your lighting, you might want to opt for an eco-friendly yet elegant pendant light fitting. The Tabu Pendant Light, £85.95 (AED407 Paper High Fair Trade Gifts) is a Fair Trade choice, made by artisans in India using recycled copper.