Frequently Asked Questions

Humans depend on ecosystems in the environment, including natural resources to survive and make a living. A safe environment improves quality of life, health and human survival while being sustainable for future generations.

All living things depend on the earth for their survival. We get land, air and water, and other non-living natural resources from the environment. Therefore, it’s only sensible to protect the environment because we use its resources.

Education, volunteering, sustainable products, water conservation, smart shopping, tree planting, use of long-lasting bulbs, and recycling used items can save the environment.

Powering homes with renewable energy, using better bulbs, speaking up, reducing water waste, energy-efficient appliances, weatherization, and eating all the food you buy are some ways to stop global warming.

Creating awareness on pollution, being educated and informed, buying only what’s needed, traveling responsibly, waste reduction, donating things we don’t need, being political, and eating sustainably can protect and save the world.