Food With Love: Three Winter Warming Recipes From Jamie Oliver

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Food is about more than just about eating, it’s about love, friendship and creativity. As part of a partnership with Ariston, Jamie Oliver is sharing some of his most personal food stories, to show how cooking is really all about caring for the people we love

Whether it’s the smell of baking bread, or a bubbling tomato ragout, food has the power to transport all of us to happy places. For many of us, cooking reminds us of our childhood or of caring for the ones we love. For Jamie Oliver, these memories are intertwined with his lifelong passion for great food, healthy eating and creativity in the kitchen. And when he remembers the early days of his relationship with his wife Jools, delicious meals are immediately what come to mind:

‘When we first got together we were both working flat out, often at different times,’ remembers Jamie. ‘Even though we were passing each other like ships in the night, I’d put together delicious dishes for her each day and leave them in the fridge so she could cook them when she got in, with a little note attached. When you’re working long hours it’s not always easy to eat well, but doing this for Jools meant I was always caring for her – even when I couldn’t be there.’

Ariston and Jamie’s new campaign aims to get people placing memories and stories at the heart of the food they cook. Create new special moments in your life by rustling up some of these thoughtful dishes for a loved one.

Aubergine Lasagne

Herby Roast Veg with Harissa Yoghurt

Veggie Cooked Breakfast 

  •  These recipes are exclusive for the partnership between Jamie Oliver and Ariston (A Whirlpool Corporation Brand).

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