From bamboo toothbrushes to non-toxic paint

Have you ever daydreamed about having an off-grid, greener home, completely self-sustainable and totally ready for anything the future might throw at us?

We’ve all had those fantasies, yet the reality is often not practical, especially in our busy, connected lives. Lurking at the back of our minds is the worry that being eco and having a greener home is somehow a little too earthy for our tastes, and would mean making a compromise on our standard of living.

What if you could make a few changes here and there, opt for better choices which would not only make your home a healthier and greener environment, but in turn would benefit the planet?

And what if, these choices were in fact stylish, on-trend and perfectly compatible with your homes’ interior style? With green living becoming more in fashion, and interest in environmental issues at an all-time high, paired with the uprising of sustainably-minded businesses, having an eco-friendly greener home is now an easy and accessible option.

Save Mother Earth
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