Greece Word for the Ultimate Eco Adventure

For the ultimate eco adventure in Greece, forget the islands and head to the Peloponnese on the Greek mainland – home to a remote organic farm where you can really get away from it all.

As we bump our way down a rocky road, we wonder if pranksters in the last town have had some fun with the signposts. The signs for our resort certainly pointed the way we’re heading, but with the towering Taygetos mountains on one side of us, and the equally imposing Parnonas range on the other, it feels as if we’re on a road to nowhere.

We’re in the Peloponnese, on the main land, the forgotten part of Greece, which is often overlooked in favour of the islands, yet it has a 1,200-km sandy coastline and it’s the country’s mythical heart. Turn left at Athens, skip over the dramatic Corinth Canal and you’ll find it.

It’s a south-western peninsula – on a map it looks like a giant hand pointing downwards with fingers splayed wide – and it’s joined on to the rest of Greece by a slither of land at Corinth. It’s a large area too. If it were a country, it would rank 151st in size in the world.

Most visitors fly into Athens and do the two-hour drive, though the luckier ones, us included, land in Kalamata, on the doorstep.