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Ethical Jewellery, From Blood Diamonds to Fair Trade Gold

5 mins

What should we as consumers be aware of if we are buying high end jewellery and want to ensure we make the ethical choice? Rae Ritchie advises

There are times when fact follows fiction.  In 2006, Leonardo Di Caprio starred in ‘Blood Diamond’, a film that told the story of the illicit diamond trade and its role in funding civil war in Sierra Leone.  Six years later, evidence that Charles Taylor’s staff gave the model Naomi Campbell a bag of gemstones was crucial in supporting the case made by UN prosecutors that the former Liberian leader had traded real life ‘blood diamonds’ to fund a civil war in the neighbouring country: Sierra Leone.

Beauty Sleep – 4 Tips To Snooze Your Way To Glowing Skin

4 mins

Tired of looking tired? Believe it or not,  a full eight hours of sleep a night could actually be the answer. Put ageing skin to bed with these top tips for a glowing complexion says Ruby Deevoy

The idea of beauty sleep is far from a myth – getting that all-important 8 hours per night really does affect your hair, skin and overall health, not the mention your perceived attractiveness, trustworthiness and social appeal, as a new study published in the Royal Society Open Science Journal recently revealed.

Discover the Great Outdoors – 4 Natural Ways to Reclaim ‘Me Time’

7 mins

If you feel like you’re  constantly working long hours with no time set aside for yourself let alone time to enjoy the world around you, you are not alone. Reconnect with yourself and nature with top tips from TiiPii Bed founders Chantelle Flynn and Michael Merrit

As kids, we didn’t need much convincing to rush outside at a moment’s notice to begin our next adventure. Whether the destination was a faraway haven just waiting to be discovered, or just the back garden, there were few barriers to stop these playful quests before they’d even begun.

Top to Toe Vegan – How to Get the Cruelty Free Look!

4 mins

Forget hessian smocks and brown clogs. There are so many fantastic plant-based products – from sparkly trainers to super-shiny shampoo – that it’s hard not to shop vegan says Joanne O’Connell

The growing trend for cruelty free products – be that clothes, food or beauty – is great news for the increasing number of us opting for a kinder, more eco-conscious lifestyle.

The Recipe For Romance: Natural Aphrodisiac Foods For A Veggie Valentine’s Day

5 mins
aphrodisiac, chillies, food, valentine's recipes

Put your passion on a plate this Valentine’s Day with these delicious recipes containing aphrodisiac ingredients guaranteed to spice up your love life

Forget a night out at a packed, noisy restaurant. The way to your loved one’s heart is with an intimate candle-lit meal created just for them. Add in plenty of delicious, healthy and fresh aphrodisiac ingredients that are renowned for being the food of love and this will be a Valentine’s date to remember.

Get Your Scarlet Pout Out With These Ethical Red Lipsticks

5 mins

From Cleopatra to Cruella De Vil and Marilyn Monroe to Madonna women throughout history have worn a scarlet pout as the ultimate symbol of power and classic beauty. Here’s how to get a cruelty-free version of the iconic look this Valentine’s. By Rae Ritchie

It’s not a look for the faint-hearted. Indeed, red lipstick is the epitome of feminine power. Coco Chanel believed a smear of scarlet could transform moods saying: ‘If you’re sad, add more lipstick and attack,’ while Dita Von Teese recently observed: ‘Heels and red lipstick will put the fear of god into people.’ And she should know.

12 Ethical Valentine’s Gifts She’ll Love

6 mins
Valentine's, gifts, presents, ethical

Show your loved one just how much you care with a gift that helps the environment and impoverished communities. By Karen Pasquali Jones

Remember when the perfect Valentine’s Gift was a giant padded card, a bunch of tired flowers bought at the gas station and a box of chocolates from the Milk Tray Man? Luckily we are all a bit more sophisticated now and would prefer something a little longer-lasting and philanthropic than roses and chocolates – unless their fair trade, of course.

We Love Her Clothes: Inside The Green Princess-To-Be Meghan Markle’s Ethical Wardrobe

5 mins
meghan, prince harry, engagment, eco fashion

The soon-to-be royal has thrown the spotlight on sustainable fashion by dressing from head-to-toe eco – and we all want a piece. By Karen Pasquali Jones

From the moment she posed with Prince Harry for her engagement photos in that £56,000 Ralph and Russo sheer dress, Meghan Markle knew her fashion sense would be under intense scrutiny the world over. And she’s made the most of that global attention with her ethical wardrobe choices as the Green Princess-to-be.

IV Nutrient Infusions: Is This 2018’s Trendiest Treatment?

7 mins

Clinics in the UAE are offering something revolutionary to residents looking for new ways of staying healthy. Intravenous (IV) Infusions to battle everything from dehydration to dietary flaws are on the rise. Anthea Ayache visits Dubai’s Euromed Clinic to get the low down from resident practitioner Dr Hoda Makkawi

While I’m sat on a suspended armchair, blanket over my legs and a drip nicely popped into my vein pumping anti-stress minerals and other such goodies into my bloodstream, I take the time to ask Integrative Holistic Medicine practitioner Dr Hoda Makkawi exactly what it is I can expect from this IV RevitaLife Drip and why everyone, in their eyes, should be following suit.