Saying No to Shark Fin Soup

WWF Singapore is one conservation group championing the sharks’ cause. Ms Janissa Ng, WWF Communications Manager, explains that WWF takes a multi-faceted approach to shark conservation. Firstly, demand reduction focuses on a shift in mindset of consumers. ‘When we put out reports on shark fin on our website, we see a lot of outrage,’ says Janissa. ‘To be honest, if we look at the consumption of shark fin, consumption has already gone down, especially in the past five years.’

WWF also works with businesses to raise awareness of the cruel and unsustainable nature of shark fishing, asking them to take a corporate pledge and register themselves as ‘Saying No To Shark Fin.’ This action reduces the supply of shark fin to consumers, prompting a shift in dining culture. This campaign has struck a chord with some high-profile restaurateurs in Singapore, with more following suit each year.