The Yoga Guru

‘The key to a healthy body is three-fold,’ she explains. ‘It is about lifting, lengthening and nourishing. Lifting weights and working with body weight is imperative because we need strength, lengthening is about flexibility, mobility, posture and stature, and nourishment is about the right food and nourishing the mind with meditation and yoga.’

She accepts that for many people working in service industries, sedentary lifestyles are a huge problem and that to combat the health problems associated with long hours in the office, commitment is key.

‘You can combat a sedentary lifestyle by introducing activity every day,’ she says. ‘Get up and go for a long walk when you can. Some people say you only need to train three times a week but in truth, if you are spending nine hours every day sitting completely still, 45 minutes of training three times a week is really not going to do it.