Why Woodworkers Have a Responsibility to Save the Environment

How can you tell a woodworker to save the environment?It is ironic….

He uses environmental products for survival. It’s like firing him/her from the job.

Yes… he is now jobless. How do you want him to earn a living?

This brings us to the broad component of the environment. The term environment has been misused to only concentrate on natural features. This is a broad topic that looks at the surrounding of both living and nonliving things.

In Environmental Geography,there are two types of environment

  • Physical environment
  • Human environment

In this article, the woodworker represents the human environment while the surroundings represent the physical environment.

The raw material for a woodworker is directly procured from the environment. This means that every woodwork design you have, a tree has been felled. The long term effect of this is bare land which hurts the hydrological cycle.  

This is the reason why Governments embarks on various environmental conservation and management measures to reduce the adverse effects on the environment. The UN report on climate change indicates an alarming rate of the global warming effect.

This is the reason they emphasize the need to protect and save the environment. It starts with people like woodworkers who directly depend on environmental products for survival.

The main reason why woodworkers are the main stakeholders in this phenomenon include

They directly depend on wood as raw material
They have the solutions to the current climate change challenges
The demand for their products exceeds the supply

How can woodworkers save the environment? Here are the six most common ways woodworkers can help the fight on climate change.

Seek alternative options as a raw material

Both in traditional and contemporary society, woodwork displays a touch of class and creativity. Its durability and flexibility still make it the best material for furniture and interior décor.

The fact that it is also biodegradable makes it also safe for the environment. The controversy around it lies in the felling of trees to get the raw material. It takes time to replace a single cut tree. Therefore, woodworkers should now look for alternative sources like plastic, metal, and paper to maintain their income and enhance their creativity skills. This brings a win-win situation for both the woodworker and the environmentalists. Otherwise, it will be the unending tug of war between them.

Engage in environmental conservation measures

Woodworkers are the main stakeholders in such measures. When you involve them in the fight against tree felling then you are winning the war. They feel involved and accommodated in the programs.

This helps them to take the frontline to educate the public on the importance of environmental conservation. This is the first step in environmental conservation. As an environmentalist, you will experience less resistance for they understand what it takes to have a depleted physical environment.

They will embrace the new technologies and remain relevant in the woodwork business.

The government interventions to help save the forests include
Funding on green energy projects
Tree planting activities
Protection of natural ecosystems
Climate changes seminars, conferences, and workshops

Use of reclaimed wood

Woodworkers have the skills. They can create a beautiful design even from old wood from abandoned houses. Once they have the information on the need to take care of the environment.

The desire for this makes them think outside the box before they get fresh wood from the forests. It means that even in their homes. They will safely store the waste wood for future use rather than keeping it as wood fuel.

Use alternative surplus wood species

Woodwork has grades too. When we look at durability then hardwood species take the lead. When we need beautification and interior deco then softwood serves best. Hardwood takes long to mature than softwood.

Moreover, exotic breeds are a rare species though marketable. As much as we need the woodwork products then it is important to use wood species that are in surplus in the environment. It means that their absence will be insignificant in environmental conservation measures.

Acquire wood from legal sources

The demand for woodwork products from customers makes the fight against tree cutting a difficult task. This explains why there are control measures when it comes to the use of wood. Woodworkers go the extra mile to force their way to get the precious commodity without following the due process.

Furthermore, it creates room for corruption and failure in the fight. It is upon a woodworker to run personal due diligence and just use the legal process to get wood. This helps to minimize its use.

Moreover, some woodworkers will abandon the work- why the hassle yet there are other alternative means we have looked at in the beginning of this article.

Public education of the significance of the ecosystem
The technology was the best innovation to environmentalists. It comes in handy to hasten dissemination of information. Moreover, people have a practical approach when it comes to environmental conservation.

The videos on floods and natural calamities as a result of human encroachments gives a woodworker a second thought the next time he cuts a tree to make a woodwork design. This is the reason there are many media campaigns on the environment to pass the information globally to relevant authorities.


In summary, woodworkers play a vital role in saving the environment. The government, nonprofit organizations, and agencies do their best to pass the information. Conversely, the measures also help to maintain the ecosystem.

We cannot forget that it is the conscious mind of a woodworker to choose what is best for them and the community at large.

As long as the message is home; you involve them in all the plans that directly affect them.
You will have minimal resistance when it comes to environmental programs and control measures. In fact, to your surprise, they will be the environment ambassadors and advocates.


Save Mother Earth
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