Coffee Planet – Turning Bean Waste from Your Brew Into Fertiliser

The popular UAE chain, Coffee Planet is reducing its impact on the environment by composting coffee waste

Coffee Planet – the UAE based coffee chain – are taking strides to reduce company waste by diverting coffee grounds from landfills and composting them into fertilisers that feed soils instead.

The diversion is significant given that for every 100 grams of coffee beans produced, 91 grams of solid coffee waste and wastewater is generated.

The coffee chain who have teamed up with The Waste Lab – a Dubai based start-up who create zero waste food solutions – want to ensure no more coffee grounds hit landfill where organic waste generates methane gases, responsible for global warming.

In the UAE alone 3.37 million tonnes of food go to landfill every year and on average, every person wastes around 225kg of food each year.

To contribute to a solution not the problem, Coffee Planet grounds will from now on, be taken to a UAE composting station instead to create nutritive by-products that enrich local soil, local farms and local jobs.

The program will benefit the environment, the UAE’s Sustainable Development Goals and of course, should help you have that guilt free cuppa too.

To learn more visit their website here

The coffee planet team with a map behind them
The Coffee Planet Team.

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