Gorillas In The Wild: How We Can Save The Great Apes

Our closest living relatives are under threat from mining, poaching, climate change and even Covid but innovative programmes are helping to save endangered gorillas

by Sarah Freeman

Project Zambezi – 2,500 Animals Relocated from Parched Zimbabwe Reserve to Cool River Region

Iconic species including elephants, lions, buffalo, impala, and zebras are being relocated from Zimbabwe to a 1.6 million acre UNESCO site on the Zambezi river.

by Nick Ames

Rescuers Save Dozens of Whales but 200 Die After Mass Stranding in Tasmania

Three of the whales are still at risk but despite efforts around 200 have died after being stranded on a Tasmanian beach

by Nick Ames

Rescue Underway in Tasmania To Save 230 Stranded Whales

Locals are trying to protect a stranded pod of 230 whales that have washed up on a beach in Tasmania.

by Nick Ames

Take To The Skies: Dubai’s Race to Launch The First Commercial Electric Flying Vehicles 

The future of transport is almost here with experts predicting there will be 430,000 flying vehicles in operation by 2040, and Dubai wants to be at the forefront

by Nick Harding

The Green King: How Charles Has Been Campaigning To Save The Planet For Decades

Derided for talking to his plants, King Charles III put the climate crisis on the agenda in the 70s, created an organic estate and even has a sustainable wardrobe

by Georgina Fuller

Global First as Dutch City, Haarlem Bans Meat Adverts from its Streets

The Dutch city of Haarlem calls time on promoting ‘products which accelerate global warming,’ including meat, flights and petrol powered cars.

by Nick Ames

The Shocking Donkey Skin Trade Scandal: Why Millions Are Being Killed To Cure Insomnia

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT Criminal gangs are slaughtering donkeys to make ejiao for Chinese medicine to ‘cure’ a dry cough and aid sleep

by Nick Harding

Patagonia Billionaire Donates ALL Company Profits to Fund Fighting Climate Change

Founder of sportswear brand Patagonia, Yvon Chouinard is giving all the company profits to save the planet saying ‘As of now, Earth is our only shareholder.’

by Nick Ames

Bring Sustainable Tributes For The Queen and Leave Paddington Bear At Home, Mourners Told

Tributes to Queen Elizabeth II should be recyclable mourners are told as paddington bears and plastic flowers as tributes are discouraged

by Nick Ames