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VOYA Founder Mark Walton Talks Surfing, Sustainable Seaweed (oh, and Saving Seals)

We sit down for a chat with Mark Walton, founder of VOYA, a natural beauty brand that was born on a seaweed farm in Ireland and can now be found in 42 countries including the UAE

by Anthea Ayache

The Return of The Dodo

Scientists say they are close to bringing the extinct dodo back to life – using chickens as surrogates

by Nick Ames

Sustainable Style Spotlight: Jen Sault of Thrift for Good on Ditching Fast Fashion

Jen Sault, Founder and Managing Director of Thrift for Good, tells The Ethicalist why and how we should make the switch from overconsumption to thrifting

by Jen Sault

The Fight To Get Critically Endangered Vultures Flying High Again

Key to thriving ecosystems, carrion-eating vultures are in a desperate flight for survival. Can protected flyways, rubber-coated power lines and vulture ‘restaurants’ save them from global extinction?

by Sarah Freeman

A Question Of Meat: Does Your Diet Really Shape the World?

More people are adopting plant-based lifestyles to combat climate change but the question remains: does a meat free diet really offer the environmental benefits many claim?

Editor’s Note: The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions or editorial stance of the magazine

by Josh Sims

Earth Advocates: 9 Eco Influencers You Need to Know for a Greener Future

From championing efforts to eliminate food waste to shedding light on the environmental impact of fast fashion, these 9 eco influencers should be on your radar

by Georgina Fuller

Project Turtle 1000: An Amazing Milestone in UAE Marine Conservation

The Wildlife Rescue Program in Abu Dhabi is celebrating the rescue and rehabilitation of almost one thousand sea turtles with a ‘Turtle 1000’ release expected this summer

by Anthea Ayache

Striking a Green Chord: Coldplay Tackle Eco Impact of Live Concerts

Coldplay and Warner Music Group are teaming up with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Environmental Solutions Initiative (MIT ESI) and Live Nation to dig into the environmental impact of live music

by Nick Ames

Recycle in the UAE: The Creative Way

It’s never been easier to recycle in the UAE with countless companies offering innovative, easy, and free ways of reducing landfill

by Harriet Shephard

Water Wars: The Rising Global Tensions Over H20

Within two years, two-thirds of the planet could be facing what the UN calls ‘water stress’ with the potential for conflict reaching boiling point

by Mike Peake