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The Body Shop UAE: Calling All Future Climate Leaders

The Body Shop has relaunched its Be seen, Be Heard programme for the second year in a row that seeks to find the UAE’s climate leaders of tomorrow

by Nick Ames

2023: A Year of Catastrophic Climate Emergencies

For Environmental Health Day we take a look at some of the biggest climate emergencies of 2023 so far—and what lessons can be learnt from them

by Charlotte Ward

Changing Lanes: How Ready Is The UAE For An EV Switch?

From building a network of charging stations to availability of electric vehicles on the market, we look at how ready the UAE is to reach their target of 50 per cent EVs on the roads by 2050

by Georgia Lewis

How Asia’s Greater One-Horned Rhino Is Winning The War Against The Climate Crisis

From floods to deadly flowers, the threats facing Nepal and India’s rhinos have been met head on with community-focused conservation projects and a zero tolerance to poachers

by Sarah Freeman

How Wildlife Hunting and Climate Change Are Linked

Poaching not only negatively affects ecosystems and biodiversity but can have severe consequences on climate change according to a new study

by Nick Ames

Rare Red Pandas Born At UK Wildlife Park

The rare red pandas are part of a breeding programme run by Longleat Safari Park

by Nick Ames

Are Killer Whales’ Terrifying ‘Attacks’ On Boats Just Their Way Of Playing?

A family of orcas have struck fear into sailors in Orca Alley between southern Spain and North Africa by ramming their boat but experts insist it is just the killer whales’ playful behaviour

by Nick Harding

Come Fly With Us: How Sustainable Aviation May Make Our Skies Green

A raft of new fuels – including one made out of cooking oil – and technologies are set to make aviation kinder on the environment, but are these the eco miracle cures the sector needs?

by Mike Peake

2000 White Rhinos To Be Rewilded After Private Auction Fails

A non profit has purchased the world’s largest captive rhino breeding operation in a bid to rescue and rewild the white rhinos

by Nick Ames

Relocation, Relocation, Relocation For Climate Migrants: Where Can You Escape The Climate Crisis?

There is nowhere on our planet that will not experience climatic shifts as a result of global warming, however some places will be more habitable than others. We examine the best options for climate migrants to relocate to in a changing world

by Caitriona McBride