How To Declutter More Sustainably This Spring

Make your spring clean green this year with these top tips to declutter your home, mind and the planet 

by Shelina Jokhiya

Devastating Drought In Somalia Kills 40,000 People – Half of Them Children

As the African country enters it’s sixth year of drought a new report suggest 135 people could die across Somalia – the second most vulnerable country to climate change in the world – in the first six months of this year alone

by Nick Ames

7 Easy Ways To Recycle Every Day

We make a mountain of 2 billion tons of waste each year which ends up in landfill. Recycle more with our expert tips and we can all tackle the climate crisis

by Karen Pasquali Jones

Giant Seaweed Mass So Big It Can Be Seen From Space Heading For US coastline

The 10-million-pound seaweed blob which spans thousands of miles is a threat to beaches and human health from toxic emissions

by Nick Ames

It’s Global Recycling Day: Here are 5 Easy Ways To Recycle Your Waste In The UAE

The UAE is home to many amazing recycling initiatives, and Global Recycling Day provides the perfect motivation to start using them

by Harriet Shephard

Plans to Relocate Pablo Escobar’s 70 Hippos To Sanctuaries in India and Mexico

Colombia plans to move 70 hippos from Pablo Escobar’s former ranch to two other countries as part of a plan to control their booming population

by Nick Ames

Starved Begging Elephant Moti Dies Highlighting Plight of India’s Tourist Animals

The plight of the Indian bull Moti was followed by thousands online and highlights the mistreatment of captive animals used for tourism.

by Nick Ames

Mercy Ships: The Charity Changing Lives With Its New Life Boat

The world’s biggest purpose-built hospital ship from Mercy Ships is bringing hope to those who can’t afford life-changing surgery

by Nick Harding

‘We Are The Most Affected By Climate Change.’ Pakistani Women March For Feminisation of Climate Justice

Sexual harassment, violence and kidnapping cases against women soared in the aftermath of recent floods in Pakistan but on International Women’s Day, women are marching to demand climate justice and that their rights be respected

by Tehreem Azeem

International (Green) Women’s Day: Our Top 5 Campaigning Female Celebrities With A Conscience

As we celebrate International Women’s Day we salute our favourite stars campaigning to save the planet as well as people

by Lysanne Currie