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The Light Fantastic: Dubai’s Record-Breaking Solar Power Tree Illuminates Sustainable Future

A dazzling Tree of Light created by the Al-Futtaim Group in collaboration with a social enterprise is the world’s largest solar power lightbulb display ever created and will light up the lives of energy poor villagers in the future

by Nick Ames

Why We Need To Save The Bugs: The World’s Unsung Heroes

Rather than be scared by creepy crawlies, we need to embrace them as bugs are the secret saviours of the planet

by Caitriona McBride

Biodiversity Boost: How To Strengthen Our Natural World’s Fragile Future

As wildlife populations plummet by 70 per cent and one in five plants are at risk from vanishing forever, plans to put the brakes on biodiversity declines are more important than ever

by Sarah Freeman

Brewing Kindness: The Beer Made By Prisoners That’s Preventing Crime

Fifty per cent of prisoners reoffend within a year of being released but a taproom in the UK is giving ex-inmates jobs and proving that they can brew more than just award-winning craft beer

by Ellen Manning

The New Buzz About Honey Bees: Why They’re Good For People And The Planet

One third of the world’s food production depends on honey bees but they’re battling climate change, pesticides and our insatiable appetite for the liquid gold to survive. On National Honey Bee Day, we lift the sticky lid on the lives of these industrious insects

by Sarah Freeman

UAE Experts Explore Native Halophytes As New Local Superfood

Experts are excited about the use of halophytes not only as new ingredient but as a plant that could even help combat the climate crisis

by Nick Ames

Flight For Survival: How Climate Crisis Is Threatening Bird Migrations

The climate crisis, light pollution, commercial fishing and even dazzling skyscrapers all make birds migrations increasingly dangerous. On World Migratory Bird Day we lift the lid on our feathered friends’ fraught migratory journeys

by Sarah Freeman

King of The Urban Jungle: The Leopards Of Mumbai

Long protected by Mumbai’s tribal communities, can the city’s famously adaptable urban leopards survive urbanisation and sterilisation?

by Sarah Freeman

Gulf for Good’s Kat Kearsey Talks Adventure to Advocacy

Kat Kearsey has helmed charity foundation Gulf for Good for almost two decades, here we sit down to ask about her most memorable moments

by Anthea Ayache

From Firefighting to Fashion: Elvis & Kresse’s Blazing Journey of Waste-to-Wow Accessories

The Ethicalist chats with Elvis & Kresse’s founders, Kresse Wesling CBE and James ‘Elvis’ Henrit, who, for over a decade, have prevented damaged fire hoses from reaching landfills by transforming them into stylish, sustainable lifestyle accessories

by Anthea Ayache