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Why We Need To Save The Bugs: The World’s Unsung Heroes

Rather than be scared by creepy crawlies, we need to embrace them as bugs are the secret saviours of the planet

by Caitriona McBride

Plant-Based Power: Unraveling the Success of UAE’s Switch Foods

Around the world, the plant-based movement is on the rise and the UAE is no different. We talk to Edward Hamod, founder of Switch Foods, at the forefront of this shift

by Anthea Ayache

Antarctic Fur Seals Staged an Extraordinary Comeback, Yet Now a New Challenge Looms

Antarctic fur seals, once endangered by overhunting, have made a remarkable recovery but new research reveals a potential food shortage threat to this conservation success story

by Nick Ames

The Human Voice Is Now More Frightening To Wildlife Than A Lion’s Roar

African mammals are now more fearful of us than lions, with the human voice more scary to 95 per cent of species than the roar

by Nick Ames

Could Bio-Plastic Be The Fantastic Solution Our World Needs?

From seaweed to mushrooms, a slew of forward thinking startups are leading the way when it comes to serious plastic alternatives

by Josh Sims

Edible Extinction: The Foods Most At Risk From Climate Change

As our world continues to warm, the foods we rely on will become more scarce and those with the least, will be hit the hardest.

by Charlotte Ward

The Body Shop UAE: Calling All Future Climate Leaders

The Body Shop has relaunched its Be seen, Be Heard programme for the second year in a row that seeks to find the UAE’s climate leaders of tomorrow

by Nick Ames

2023: A Year of Catastrophic Climate Emergencies

For Environmental Health Day we take a look at some of the biggest climate emergencies of 2023 so far—and what lessons can be learnt from them

by Charlotte Ward

Changing Lanes: How Ready Is The UAE For An EV Switch?

From building a network of charging stations to availability of electric vehicles on the market, we look at how ready the UAE is to reach their target of 50 per cent EVs on the roads by 2050

by Georgia Lewis