Plant-Based Milks And Their Carbon Footprint. How Does Your Favourite Rank?

From oat to coconut, this World Milk Day we look at which plant-based milks fare best when it comes to protecting the planet

by Amy Mathieson

Smokin’ Vegan Barbecue Delights

Give your party or barbecue the wow factor with delicious plant-based dishes

by Karen Pasquali Jones

MasterChef ChatGPT? How The Latest Technology And AI Can Tackle Our Food Waste Problem

From ChatGPT creating recipes with ingredients in our pantry to apps advertising free food from cafes and restaurants every day and space age kitchen equipment, we can stop food waste ending up in landfill and feeding the climate crisis

by Ellen Manning

Michelin Green Star Chef Peeter Pihel: ‘Cooking Sparingly and Not Wastefully is the Only Way I know How to Cook’

Peeter Pihel was visiting Dubai for the Gulf Food Festival when we were able to speak with the accoladed chef spearheading sustainability back in his home country, Estonia.

by Anthea Ayache

Mary Berry’s Delicious Vegetarian Coronation Recipes Fit For a King

Celebrate the crowning of Britain’s new monarch Charles III with veggie coronation recipes fit for a king from the Queen of cakes!

by Karen Pasquali Jones

The UAE Grocery Stores Stocking Sustainable, Ethical and Vegan Produce

From farm shops to organic markets, here are the grocery stores doing their bit for the planet

by Amy Mathieson

How And Where In The UAE You Can Join In The Spirit Of Ramadan  

The Holy Month of Ramadan is well under way but there are still so many ways to get involved and give back to the community

by Kaya Scott

Ugly Veg Providers HeroGo Share Top Tips for Reducing Food Waste This Ramadan

In the UAE we waste 4.5kg of food a day during the Holy Month but Herogo – the UAE’s first ‘ugly fruit and veg provider’ is here to help with tips we can all embrace for Ramadan and beyond

by Courtney Brandt

UAE Chefs Share Their One Pot Ramadan Wonders Perfect For Iftar or Suhoor

Forget the washing up – these Ramadan delights are quick, easy to make and taste amazing for Iftar or Suhoor

by Hayley Alexander

The Wonders Of Watercress: Speedy Veggie Delights

Fire up the barbie (or the oven) for these fast, easy but delicious plant-based dishes featuring healthy watercress

by Karen Pasquali Jones