Smokin’ Vegan Barbecue Delights

Give your party or barbecue the wow factor with delicious plant-based dishes

by Karen Pasquali Jones

Are You An Almond Mum Inflicting Unhealthy Habits On Your Children?

They’re always on a strict diet, think a single grape is a dessert and keep to their exercise plan – even in their sick child’s hospital room. Here’s how to spot an almond mum and to make sure you don’t become one

by Georgina Fuller

Head to Gulf for Good’s Latest Event – The Ice Cream Social!

Head down to this latest event to mingle with like minded individuals and learn how Gulf for Good are helping underprivileged kids around the world

by Anthea Ayache

Female Networking Platform WILD Brings Its Membership Club to Abu Dhabi

Aiming to empower women and promote gender equality, the WILD Abu Dhabi launch event will take place on Friday, May 26

by Harriet Shephard

The Room-to-Room Guide To A Toxic Free Home

Your home is full of invisible pollutants exacerbating allergies and illnesses but there are simple steps to making every room toxic free

by Anna Turns

Gorilla Trekking In Rwanda’s Volcanic Virunga Mountains

Gorilla trekking with Safari Volcanoes in Rwanda is a once in a lifetime experience that will not only allow you to come face to face with these great apes but contribute to their crucial conservation

by Kate Wickers

Voluntourism: 7 Beautiful Places and Ways To Holiday With Meaning

With the Eid Al Adha public holiday approaching, why not book a voluntourism holiday that gives back

by Kaya Scott

Cruelty-Free Beauty Brand LUSH Opens Newly Refitted Dubai Mall Store

The newly designed store is the first in the MENA region to features an entirely lanolin-free range

by Anthea Ayache

MasterChef ChatGPT? How The Latest Technology And AI Can Tackle Our Food Waste Problem

From ChatGPT creating recipes with ingredients in our pantry to apps advertising free food from cafes and restaurants every day and space age kitchen equipment, we can stop food waste ending up in landfill and feeding the climate crisis

by Ellen Manning

These Six Luxury Hotels Are Championing Climate Positive Getaways

From the Swiss Alps to the Thai shores these eco luxury retreats are successfully working towards a climate positive future

by Alexa Poortier