Incredible Journey Up The Mountains Of The Moon

Adventurer Holly Budge – Everest summiteer, conservationist and the first woman to skydive Everest – takes on the climb to the top of Margherita Peak in the Rwenzori Mountains to raise funds to stop elephant poaching

by Holly Budge

These Luxurious 5-Star Desert Resorts Offer An Exceptional Eco Experience in the UAE

Far from UAE’s bling boutique hotels lie a host of responsible desert resorts offering everything from wildlife safaris to dining under the stars all while caring for you and the planet

by Anthea Ayache

Tis the Season to Get Outdoors… So Here’s to the 7 Best (and Free) UAE Beaches

There’s nothing quite like hitting a UAE beach now the cooler months are upon us and fortunately the country has lots of sandy stretches to choose from. While the UAE isn’t well known for its bargains, its public beaches offer exactly that.

by Hayley Doyle

Head in the Clouds…The Beautiful Biodiverse Cloud Forests Conscious Travellers Must Visit

The world’s cloud forests, home to more unique mammals per square mile than anywhere else on earth – are as weird as they are wonderful. We span the globe to round up six we think all intrepid travellers need to know about.

by Sarah Freeman

A Regal Tour of Jodhpur’s Royal Retreats and Fantastic Forts

Jodhpur is a popular Indian tourist destination that has preserved its rich history in the various palaces and forts of the city. We take a whistle stop tour of the top 5 that should feature on any visitor’s list

by Gemma Jones

Wellness. The Number 1 Travel Trend is All About You

Forget lazing by the beach at a five star resort, or hiking up one of the world’s highest peaks – according to the travel experts it’s meaningful wellness escapes that are topping our travel itineraries.

by Stacey Sharp

The Best Ways to Get Around Dubai Without Using Your Car

September 7th marks International Day of Clean Air for Blue Skies, an ideal time to explore Dubai’s public transport options and how we can ditch the car to do our part for #TheAirWeShare.

by Michelle Kuehn

Forget the Ferry, Passengers Can Now Sustainably Sail from England to France!

A new sail boat service between the UK and France is offering passengers a more sustainable way of travelling across the world’s busiest shipping lane.

by Nick Ames

5 Beautiful Places To Sleep Under The Stars… On a Budget.

If the idea of gazing out at skies filled with stars as you drift off to sleep sounds appealing, this roundup of resorts that won’t break the bank is for you.

by Gemma Jones

The Top 5 European Destinations for Sustainability

New data reveals the 28 most eco-friendly European city destinations. So, which ones are doing their best to protect the planet? We take a look at the top 5.

by Anthea Ayache