Zabeel House by Jumeirah: A Stylishly Sustainable City Escape

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Nestled in the heart of Dubai, Zabeel House by Jumeirah seamlessly blends eco-consciousness with contemporary design

Stepping into Zabeel House The Greens by Jumeirah (past the guest bicycles no less), visitors are immediately struck by the vibrant atmosphere of this urban oasis, where contemporary design and eco-consciousness merge effortlessly. Situated in the Greens Community, close to Dubai’s Media City, this chic boutique hotel is a perfect choice for both business travellers and those looking for an eco-luxe city escape.

Why eco? Because sustainability goes beyond just the physical footprint of this award-winning hotel, it’s woven into almost every aspect of the guest experience. From the moment you step into your stylish and spacious room, you’re greeted with thoughtful touches like bamboo toothbrushes, toiletries packaged in kraft paper sleeves, sewn slippers made from 100 per cent biodegradable plant fibers, shower caps crafted from corn stalks and even biodegradable coffee capsules.

Zabeel House bedroom

Even the in-room refreshments reflect their eco-efforts, with water served in glass bottles courtesy of a strategic partnership with planet-friendly water company Sprudel. A two year collaboration has allowed the hotel to eliminate all single-use plastic water bottles from their 210 guest rooms and dining outlets, opting instead for the award-winning filtered water system.

Designer’s Dream

In addition to its sustainability efforts, Zabeel House is a design aficionado’s dream, with contemporary interiors that ooze style and sophistication. Guest bedrooms combine a New York loft feel with a touch of modern Middle Eastern flair, striking the balance between modernity and warmth. Contemporary touches like chic Crittal windows enclosing the monochromatic bathroom, quirky ornaments and unique lamp designs complemented by vibrant artwork and rugs, add to the distinctive charm.

Zabeel House communal area

Elsewhere, every detail of Zabeel House has been carefully curated to create a space with an edgy, avant-garde vibe that sets this hotel apart. From towering bookcases filled with eccentric ornaments (we’re talking giant porcelain ants), to statement-making walls adorned with witty black and white art – the hotel creates an atmosphere that’s bold and offbeat. Even the ‘What’s The Idea?’ mirror writing in the elevators invites guests to think outside the box and embrace the unconventional.

With such a flair for design, it’s no wonder Zabeel House The Greens by Jumeirah also has a strong commitment to local art. Through an initiative called ‘Project Art’, local artists are invited to exhibit and sell their pieces in public parts of the hotel and encouraged to host workshops for guests highlighting the hotel’s commitment to supporting local talent.

Zabeel House Dining

When it comes to dining, Zabeel House shines with its commitment to locally sourced ingredients. Partnering with FreshOnTable – a digital marketplace that connects buyers with hyperlocal farms – ensures that micro greens and herbs are delivered fresh from local suppliers to your plate. The hotel has also partnered with Boon Coffee, an ethical craft coffee provider that sources only fair-trade organic Ethiopian Arabica beans, sourced directly from fair-trade farmers.

The hotel’s culinary team also takes pride in crafting dishes that are not only delicious but also minimise waste, with dehydrated fruits and vegetables used as decorative garnishes in both food and drinks. Be sure to try the Paloma Mia cocktail at their recently opened New York inspired restaurant, 42 Midtown. Crafted with sustainable botanicals and zero-waste ingredients including grapefruit and strawberries, and served with a pasta and starch straw, it’s a must-try for eco-conscious cocktail fans.

interior of New York inspired restaurant at Zabeel House The Greens
42 Midtown is their recently opened New York inspired restaurant

In Social House, a leafy breakfast spot for guests and haven for remote workers, vegans and vegetarians have plenty to choose from. For starters we recommend the garden tempura followed by the vegan dragon bowl (fried tofu, quinoa, seaweed, red cabbage and other wholesome goodies), the vegan surf and turf or the mushroom sourdough with spinach, mushrooms and vegan cheese. Yum.

While minimising food waste in the kitchen is an important step, Zabeel House has also collaborated with local coffee partner Coffee Planet and their innovative Reloop program. This sees the hotel collect used coffee grounds from restaurants and rooms, for composting, which are then transformed into nutrient-rich compost and distributed to local farms. This closed-loop system not only diverts waste from landfills but also supports the local agricultural community.

Wrapping it up, Zabeel House by Jumeirah is the perfect spot for travellers who want a cool, eco-friendly escape in the heart of Dubai. Its blend of green practices, local flavours and chic design make it a top pick for anyone seeking a trendy yet sustainable stay.

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