8 Natural Ways To Combat Jet Lag

From eating a banana to hitting the gym, banish fatigue with these simple jet lag cures

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Do You Suffer From ‘Tomorrow Syndrome’?

How to stop procrastinating and banish Tomorrow Syndrome with three motivational experts’ top 10 tips to get things done!

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The Law Of Attraction: Can You Manifest Your New Dream Life?

Celebrities swear by it, even quantum physics says it is possible but can manifestation make your wildest dreams reality?

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Are You Wasting Your Time In A Toxic Textationship?

Can you really form a real relationship just by texting or is the new dating phenomenon – a textationship – toxic?

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The Fertility Diet: How A Plant-Based Diet Can Help You Have A Baby

Western diets high in animal protein and saturated fat impact fertility so switch to whole plant foods on a fertility diet to boost your chances of conceiving says Lisa Simon RD, the author of The Plant-Based Dietitian’s Guide To Fertility

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Toxic Friends: How To Spot One And Ditch Them Before They Destroy Your Happiness

Terrified that your so called BFF is actually a toxic friend? Take our quiz to find out (and discover how to get them out of your life)

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How To Cope When Your Partner Is A Die Hard Carnivore

Being vegan has never been so popular with 43 per cent of Gen Z claiming they’ll go plant-based this year but what happens if your partner is a carnivore who won’t give up meat?

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Do You Have Climate Crisis Depression?

From anorexia to anxiety, panic attacks or apathy more and more adults are consumed by climate crisis depression. Here’s how to tackle it

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How To Best Support Mums Without A Mum This Mother’s Day

For women who have lost their mothers, have a bad or non-existent relationship with them, or aren’t mums themselves, Mother’s Day can be a painful landmark. Here, experts offer tips and advice for coping on the day

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8 Simple Ways To Quit Gracefully While You’re Ahead

Pick the right time to quit a job, friendship or even marriage that’s no longer working before it affects your mental and even physical health

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