Are You Suffering From Compassion Fatigue?

Listening to other people’s problems, nursing sick relatives, worrying about news headlines and disasters and caring too much for others could make you physically ill and leave you lacking empathy, experts warn

by Christine Fieldhouse

9 Alternative Therapies for Coping with Menopause

From following a vegan diet to acupuncture and even hypnotherapy, here are some of the more holistic therapies on World Menopause Day

by Georgina Fuller

How The Power of Praise Makes Us Happy And Boosts Our Career

A few chosen words of praise makes us feel as good as having a hug or eating chocolate but not receiving enough of it can erode our self-confidence and leave us feeling as if we’ve failed

by Christine Fieldhouse

Detox The Dubai Way With Ginger Massages, IV Vitamin Drips, and A New Lean, Mean, Body Machine!

Forget traditional ways to detox – these high-tech therapies will have you glowing and feeling incredible in no time

by Anthea Ayache

4 Quick Ways To Say Goodbye To WhatsApp Stress!

Overwhelmed by the constant stream of WhatsApp messages from family, friends, colleagues and clients? Here’s how to hang up on the chat app pressure

by Hayley Doyle

How To Be Happy The Japanese Way: 6 Simple Steps To Finding Your Ikigai

Master the Japanese philosophy of ikigai – doing something of value – and not only will you feel more energised and fulfilled but you’ll live up to 12 years longer, say experts

by Christine Fieldhouse

7 Surefire Signs They’re Not The One!

You might be crazy for love but have you lost your head thinking they’re The One when all the signs say different?

by Hayley Doyle

Wellness. The Number 1 Travel Trend is All About You

Forget lazing by the beach at a five star resort, or hiking up one of the world’s highest peaks – according to the travel experts it’s meaningful wellness escapes that are topping our travel itineraries.

by Stacey Sharp

Is Ageism A Thing of the Past? Why Generational Lines Are Blurring

As society’s obsession with youth intensifies, the global population is ageing. But rather than being past it, now is the time for the over 60s to tackle ageism.

by Josh Sims