How To Declutter More Sustainably This Spring

Make your spring clean green this year with these top tips to declutter your home, mind and the planet 

by Shelina Jokhiya

Starved Begging Elephant Moti Dies Highlighting Plight of India’s Tourist Animals

The plight of the Indian bull Moti was followed by thousands online and highlights the mistreatment of captive animals used for tourism.

by Nick Ames

Mercy Ships: The Charity Changing Lives With Its New Life Boat

The world’s biggest purpose-built hospital ship from Mercy Ships is bringing hope to those who can’t afford life-changing surgery

by Nick Harding

‘We Are The Most Affected By Climate Change.’ Pakistani Women March For Feminisation of Climate Justice

Sexual harassment, violence and kidnapping cases against women soared in the aftermath of recent floods in Pakistan but on International Women’s Day, women are marching to demand climate justice and that their rights be respected

by Tehreem Azeem

International (Green) Women’s Day: Our Top 5 Campaigning Female Celebrities With A Conscience

As we celebrate International Women’s Day we salute our favourite stars campaigning to save the planet as well as people

by Lysanne Currie

Bringing Poachers to Heel: The Detective Dogs Sniffing Out Smuggled Pangolins

The UK police-trained detective dogs will join Thailand’s law enforcement in an effort to save the threatened pangolin

by Nick Ames

Robot Elephant Replaces Real Animals for Cruelty-Free Indian Temple Rituals

It’s hoped the robot elephant – created by artists who supply pachyderm statues for Dubai Shopping Festival – will phase out elephant abuse across India

by Nick Ames

The Hero Schoolboy Who Became World’s Youngest Headmaster Aged 9

He started a school in his backyard and soon became the youngest headmaster in the world. Now 29, Babar Ali is planning to open free schools across India to ensure every child is educated

by Shiva Kumar Thekkepat

Red Gold: The Rush To Use Barbaric Blood Farms

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT Worth more than $1million for 100 gms, pregnant horses have their blood drained for a fertility hormone known as ‘red gold’ to help the meat industry

by Sarah Freeman

Dame Joanna Lumley Calls Wildlife Trophy Hunters ‘Lowest of the Low’

Joanna Lumley – a vocal advocate for animal rights – is supporting plans to ban the import of trophy parts into the UK

by Anthea Ayache