Incredible Journey Up The Mountains Of The Moon

Adventurer Holly Budge – Everest summiteer, conservationist and the first woman to skydive Everest – takes on the climb to the top of Margherita Peak in the Rwenzori Mountains to raise funds to stop elephant poaching

by Holly Budge

The Children’s Climate Prize and the 5 Super Teens Changing The World

From using fish scale waste for water pollution problems to coffee waste for fertiliser, these Children’s Climate Prize finalists are coming up with the ideas that will shape our future

by Sarah Gibbons

Why Toilets Should Be Bog Standard For Everyone

We spend three years of our lives on the toilet but six per cent of the world –equivalent to the population of South America – don’t have a toilet, meaning 1.5 million children die globally from sanitation-related illnesses each year. Meet Mr Toilet who is trying to change that

by Nick Harding

The World’s Top Conservation Artist: ‘I Hope My Art Can Speak For And Save Endangered Animals’

Sophie Green, who was a mute for seven years, lets her art do the talking for vulnerable species around the globe and uses the profits from her paintings to fund conservation projects

by Karen Pasquali Jones

A Student Who Created An Army of 10,000 Women To Save Rare Storks Is Named World Female Ranger 2022

Purnima Devi Barman interrupted her studies to rescue critically-endangered storks seen as a bad omen in India

by Karen Pasquali Jones

The Longest Ride: One Man’s Record-Breaking Attempt to Save the Planet On An E Motorcycle

Ali Abdo plans to ride 20,000km across Egypt to COP27 on an electric motorcycle to raise awareness about the climate crisis

by George Kuruvilla

Dying Wildlife Conservationist: ‘My Last Wish Is To Save As Many Animals As Possible’

Simon Cowell has devoted his life to saving wildlife but after being diagnosed with incurable lung cancer he now faces a race against time to keep his animal charity going

by Nick Harding

The Awesome Bee ‘Buzz Stops’ Turning Bus Shelters into Mini Meadows

A successful Dutch project that turns city centre bus shelters into a safe haven for pollinating bees and butterflies is being rolled out across Europe and the UK

by Nick Ames

The Green King: How Charles Has Been Campaigning To Save The Planet For Decades

Derided for talking to his plants, King Charles III put the climate crisis on the agenda in the 70s, created an organic estate and even has a sustainable wardrobe

by Georgina Fuller

Patagonia Billionaire Donates ALL Company Profits to Fund Fighting Climate Change

Founder of sportswear brand Patagonia, Yvon Chouinard is giving all the company profits to save the planet saying ‘As of now, Earth is our only shareholder.’

by Nick Ames