As World Moves Into El Niño Experts Warn: Expect Temperatures Never Felt Before

El niño will likely mean global temperatures exceed a 1.5C increase in the coming years

by Nick Ames

A Global Success Story: Ozone Layer On Road To Full Recovery

International efforts to cut harmful gas emissions means the hole in the protective ozone layer is closing

by Nick Ames

Drones to Drop 2.5 Million Mangrove Seeds in Abu Dhabi

The plan is part of a UAE national goal to plant 100 million mangroves by 2030

by Nick Ames

Cate Blanchett’s Solar Panel Plans Hit Eco Hurdle At £5 Million Mansion

Eco aware Cate Blanchett requested an ecological survey before implementing her renewable energy plans at her multi million pound mansion

by Nick Ames

Breakthrough as Emirates Airlines Jet Takes Off Powered 100% by Vegetable Oil, Sugar and Fats

The event has been called a ‘milestone moment’ for flight technology from Dubai-based carrier Emirates Airlines

by Nick Ames

Energy Saving Blackouts in South Africa Force Farmers To Cull 10 Million Chicks

Farmers have been forced to kill their livestock as energy companies enforce blackouts to conserve electricity

by Nick Ames

Natrl Inspires UAE’s Junior Eco-Architects to Reduce and Recycle

The competition being rolled out across Repton Schools in the UAE is being held in conjunction with boxed water company natrl and culminates in an award ceremony next weekend

by Nick Ames

UK Royal Princess Eugenie Wants Son to Become An Eco-Activist At Age 2

Britain’s Princess Eugenie says she is teaching her one year old son August, about the climate crisis and has ditched plastic from her home

by Nick Ames

Junk Kouture Global Final Wows Abu Dhabi Audience With Recycled Fashion Designs

The Junk Kouture World Sustainable Designer of the Year award ceremony took place at Etihad Arena with Abu Dhabi students picking up a picking up a slew of awards

by Anthea Ayache

UAE Announces Single-Use Plastic Ban from 2024 Including Crisp Bags and Balloons

Plastic bags, cutlery and styrofoam cups will feature in the far reaching plastic ban

by Nick Ames