Inspirational and practical tips on how to celebrate events and cultural highlights with the environment in mind

Perfect Father’s Day Picks for the Planet-Conscious Dad

Father’s Day is upon us once again and it’s a time of year when you get to show your appreciation for all the great things dads do

by Nick Watkins

These Documentaries May Not Change Your Life, But Will Make You Think

From climate concerns to health issues the following five documentaries may make you reassess some of your everyday activities

by Anthea Ayache

Me, Myself and My Selfie: The Fascination and Folly of Self Portraits

Is the selfie phenomenon vanity or self-expression? We ask experts, what’s really behind the lens?

by Josh Sims

World Book Day Picks: 12 Eco-Inspired Books for Adults and Kids

Explore sustainable living, climate change, animal conservation and more with these top picks for World Book Day

by Amy Mathieson

It’s A Leap Year: 6 Ways To Make The Extra Leap Day Count

We only get a Leap Day once every four years so from ticking off something on your bucket list to learning the art of doing nothing, here’s how to make the most of every minute

by Karen Pasquali Jones

Chinese New Year Of The Dragon: Will It Be Lucky For You?

With the arrival of the Chinese New Year, and the year of the Wood Dragon, what’s in store for you? A celebrity astrologer looks at your Chinese Horoscopes

by Karen Pasquali Jones

Dubai Sustainable City Hosts Ovidio De Ferrari’s ‘Musical Voyage’

Musical maestro Ovidio De Ferrari is bringing his ‘Musical Voyage’—a fusion of digital art and symphonic orchestral performances—to Dubai’s Sustainable City this weekend

by Anthea Ayache

Striking a Green Chord: Coldplay Tackle Eco Impact of Live Concerts

Coldplay and Warner Music Group are teaming up with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Environmental Solutions Initiative (MIT ESI) and Live Nation to dig into the environmental impact of live music

by Nick Ames

Finding NEOM: The Futuristic Carbon Neutral City

It’s a project so vast and ambitious you can see it from space. Saudi’s NEOM could become the blueprint for the future of mankind

by Nick Harding

How To Date An Incredible Eco Hunk

Forget good looks and an enviable bank balance, all the single ladies want is a man with an e-bike and a reusable water bottle. Here’s how to snare your eco hunk today…

by Hayley Doyle