10 Wonderful Ways to Celebrate the 51st UAE National Day

Looking for inspiration to celebrate UAE National Day over the long weekend? The country is buzzing with activities for the whole family. From live laser shows to musical nights in an historic amphitheatre or kayaking through mangroves to wildlife spotting in the mountains, this comprehensive list will leave you wondering how to cram it all in!

by Hayley Doyle

6 Ways To Celebrate Thanksgiving In Sustainable Style

The traditional holiday sees 100,000 tons of turkey thrown away every year so from vegan alterna-tives to thoughtful place names cards and home-made decorations, here’s how to have an eco Thanksgiving

by Hayley Doyle

Don’t Relight My Fire: The Ultimate Guide To An Eco-Friendly Bonfire Night

Gunpowder plotters set out to destroy parliament in 1605. On November 5th, we gather to celebrate this failed mission with fireworks. However, Bonfire Night alone has a disastrous effect on air quality. Here’s how to minimise your footprint but still enjoy the occasion

by Hayley Doyle

Eco-Friendly Pets: Easy Ways To Reduce Your Furry Friends’ Carbon Pawprint

Our pets have an impact on the planet but by making considered choices we can be a more environmentally conscious pet owner

by Ellen Tout

7 Vegan Celebrities that May Just Take You by Surprise

From seven times Formula One Champion Lewis Hamilton to multi award winning singer songwriter Ariana Grande, here are the vegan celebrities ditching animal-products

by Anthea Ayache

The One Million … From the Poet Who Dedicates His Work to the World’s Most Endangered Animals

Anthony E. Lovell is an endangered wildlife poet raising awareness of the one million species at risk of extinction. He shares some of his work with The Ethicalist for National Poetry Day, October 6th

by Anthony E Lovell

8 Simple Ways to Make Your Garden More Sustainable

Reduce your garden’s impact by upcycling, reusing and becoming more self-sufficient

by Ellen Tout

The Memo That Could Have Altered The Course of History

A global warming memo was placed on U.S. President Jimmy Carter’s desk back in 1977, warning of a need to move to renewables.

by Nick Ames

The Summer of Eco Love: How to Stop the Environmental Damage At Festivals

While we might think watching our favourite bands at Coachella or Glastonbury is an eco-chic event, the reality is that festivals belch out emissions and leave scars on the environment that can take hundreds of years to heal

by Karen Pasquali Jones

5 Documentaries That May Not Change Your Life, But Will Make You Think

From climate concerns to health issues the following five documentaries may make you reassess some of your everyday activities.

by Anthea Ayache