The Memo That Could Have Altered The Course of History

A global warming memo was placed on U.S. President Jimmy Carter’s desk back in 1977, warning of a need to move to renewables.

by Nick Ames

The Summer of Eco Love: How to Stop the Environmental Damage At Festivals

While we might think watching our favourite bands at Coachella or Glastonbury is an eco-chic event, the reality is that festivals belch out emissions and leave scars on the environment that can take hundreds of years to heal

by Karen Pasquali Jones

5 Documentaries That May Not Change Your Life, But Will Make You Think

From climate concerns to health issues the following five documentaries may make you reassess some of your everyday activities.

by Anthea Ayache

Understanding the Climate Crisis is a Page Turn Away

The earth’s temperature is rising and so is global concern about the future of the planet. If you want to understand the most urgent environmental issues and how best to do your bit, start with these five books that put solutions at your fingertips.

by Anthea Ayache