VOYA Founder Mark Walton Talks Surfing, Sustainable Seaweed (oh, and Saving Seals)

We sit down for a chat with Mark Walton, founder of VOYA, a natural beauty brand that was born on a seaweed farm in Ireland and can now be found in 42 countries including the UAE

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Natural, Organic and Clean: What Do These Beauty Buzzwords Really Mean?

Deciphering which buzzword holds the most significance in your beauty routine can be confusing, so let us clarify them for you

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Unlock Dubai’s Top Natural Hair Care Salons and Must-Try Brands

From where to get your hands on the most sustainable shampoos to the salon’s offering paper foil alternatives, this hair care guide will keep your locks looking lush while being kind to the planet too

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How To Keep Your Festive Glow… All Year Round

The festive season may be over, but your holiday sparkle needn’t be.

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Too Good To Give Away: Earth-Friendly Beauty Gifts You’ll Want To Keep For Yourself

From vegan silk pillowcases for beauty sleep to soy wax eco candles, these beauty gifts are sure to bring joy to your loved ones and the planet this festive season

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Scent-sational Skincare: Unlocking the Magic of Essential Oils

Ditch the cocktail of chemicals and return to nature by embracing essential oils for your skincare routine.  

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The Innovative Korean Skincare Brands Merging Beauty and Ethics

The popularity of Korean skincare has skyrocketed in recent years and in this world where beauty meets responsibility, we have singled out brands that are paving the way for an eco-conscious future

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Is The Beauty Collagen Craze To Be Wrinkle Free Driving Deforestation?

An Amazon Rainforest Day Feature: There’s a big buzz surrounding collagen, but a recent report claims the anti-aging product promising to turn back the clock is contributing to climate change

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Because You’re Worth It: How To Avoid The Dangers Lurking In Your Shampoo

Become a green goddess with Dubai’s newest hair and beauty hangout which is on a mission to change the way you look after your hair starting with sustainable shampoo

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Clear Skin, Clear Conscience: Eco Beauty Must Haves For Shimmering Summer Skin

Discover feel good skincare this summer that helps you look your best while also caring for the planet with these seven beauty brands all available in the UAE

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