Zeitgeist and thought-provoking reports on how technology is changing society plus the latest eco-friendly designs.

Pedal Power: How Bicycles Are The Wheely Green Fuel Of The Future

From mobile e-hospitals to water pumps and thigh-powered smoothies, the bicycles of tomorrow will be powering up everything from the school disco to the local cinema

by Mike Peake

Sustainable Luxury: Inside M2R’s Hand-Knotted Rug Revolution

The Ethicalist chats to award-winning German designer Sebastian Herkner who recently designed a collection of hand knotted rugs for luxury label, M2R

by Claire Wills

Planned Obsolescence: The Environmental Toll of Unrepairable Tech

With more people than phones on Earth, tech giants’ relentless pursuit of upgrades via planned obsolescence is exacerbating the global e-waste crisis, highlighting the urgent need for longer-lasting, easily repairable devices

by Josh Sims

Driving into the Future: Al Futtaim’s Managing Director Talks All Things Polestar 3

Hasan Nergiz, Managing Director at Al-Futtaim talks exclusively to The Ethicalist about the UAE launch of the highly anticipated Polestar 3, the SUV for the electric age

by Anthea Ayache

Finding NEOM: The Futuristic Carbon Neutral City

It’s a project so vast and ambitious you can see it from space. Saudi’s NEOM could become the blueprint for the future of mankind

by Nick Harding

Wish You Were (Virtually) Here? The Remarkable Rise of Virtual Reality Vacations

With the advent of AI, immersive technology and augmented and virtual reality, we can be instantly whisked thousands of miles away for a fake-ation but will this sustainable ‘holiday’ ever match the real thing?

by Ellen Manning

The Future Technologies Being Created To Save The Planet

From AI to nuclear fusion though to a seaweed to stop cows creating methane gas, various technologies are being developed to help solve the climate crisis challenge

by Nick Harding

How Your New Smartphone Is Destroying The Environment

We seemingly can’t live without them but ahead of International E-Waste Day, here are the seven small changes we can all make to reduce the impact of our smartphones on the planet

by Caitriona McBride

Changing Lanes: How Ready Is The UAE For An EV Switch?

From building a network of charging stations to availability of electric vehicles on the market, we look at how ready the UAE is to reach their target of 50 per cent EVs on the roads by 2050

by Georgia Lewis

Come Fly With Us: How Sustainable Aviation May Make Our Skies Green

A raft of new fuels – including one made out of cooking oil – and technologies are set to make aviation kinder on the environment, but are these the eco miracle cures the sector needs?

by Mike Peake