Zeitgeist and thought-provoking reports on how technology is changing society plus the latest eco-friendly designs.

Are The UAE’s Smart Cities Tomorrow’s Dream Neighbourhoods?

Blending clever tech with eco-friendly policies, the UAE’s growing collection of smart cities and sustainable developments could offer tomorrow’s most in-demand homes in the world

by Mike Peake

Three Quarters of UAE Residents Confident Tech Can Solve Climate Crisis

The duke+mir survey, conducted ahead of Cop28 polled 1,000 UAE residents

by Nick Ames

How Science-Based Tech Could Save Our Seas

As Marine Week kicks off, we take a look at some of the tech projects being developed around the world to cool our oceans – but could they have unintended consequences on the world’s seas?

by Maz Fletcher

How To Train Your Algorithm Before AI Takes Over The World

Some experts fear AI will herald the end of mankind but if we train it well, the benefits could be unimaginable, experts say

by Nick Harding

Full Beam Ahead For The Solar Car Revolution

The future of cars looks decidedly sunny – it might have taken almost 60 years, but we are finally on the cusp of a solar car revolution

by Nick Harding

An Interview With ChatGPT: The New AI Experts Warn Could Change Society

The world is talking about ChatGPT, the artificial intelligence some believe will create mass unemployment and civil unrest. Scary? We asked it!

by Nick Harding

Turn Tech Into Treasure: Easy Ways To Recycle E-Waste In The UAE

Old phones abandoned in drawers could be transformed into solar panels and wind turbines. Here’s how recycling your e-waste can give new life to dead tech.

by Michelle Kuehn

Man Versus Machine: Are Cyborgs The Future?

If cyborg science was once the stuff of fiction, it’s fast becoming a reality. But are the pioneering people leading the movement at the vanguard of what human kind will inevitably become? Or outsiders demonstrating a creepy future nobody wants?

by Josh Sims

Stunning Luxury Interior Decor Made From Date Seeds, Fish Scales and Tea!

Local designers in the UAE have created contemporary, chic and eco-friendly lights and furniture using waste material

by Tessy Koshy