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Five Ethical Influencers to Bring Substance to Your Scrolling 

Brimming with interesting tips, opinions and hard-hitting facts, these sustainability-focused content creators will keep you inspired and motivated

by Harriet Shephard

Cryptocurrency. The Trend that Uses More Energy than an Entire Country

The annual energy required by cryptocurrency is more than that of an entire country, leading to concern about its ecological footprint.

by Josh Sims

‘It’s just a sweet kid,’ says Google engineer who hired a lawyer for ‘sentient’ AI programme that FEARS being switched off

Blake Lemoine believes the Google chatbot LaMDA has the feelings of a seven-year-old child and says being turned off would be ‘exactly like dying’

by Karen Pasquali Jones

Meet Lightyear, the New Solar Powered Electric Vehicle

Pioneering automotive firm Lightyear has unveiled its prototype Lightyear 0 – a solar-powered EV that can run for up to seven months without being plugged into a traditional charger.

by Nick Ames

Will NFTs Save Endangered Wildlife?

From helping rewild European bison, to safeguarding one of the world’s rarest birds, NFT art is being used as a force for good

by Sarah Freeman

Heinz Meanz Ketchup Will Come in ‘Bottle of Tomorrow’ Made Out of Wood Pulp

The sauce brand will dump plastic bottles for a sustainable and recyclable eco Ketchup bottle

by Nick Ames

Technology: A Force for Good or Ill?

Technology can help solve world problems including climate change and geopolitical issues, but devices can also cause serious addiction. Clinical psychologist Dr. Saliha Afridi of Lighthouse Arabia, discusses the pros and cons

by Dr Saliha Afridi

Is AR the Future of Sustainable Fashion

Augmented reality is already seeping into the fashion industry from digital catwalk shows to virtual dressing rooms. April Miller looks at the ways in which one of the world’s largest polluters could use AR to up its eco game.

by April Miller

Alexa, Get Out Of My Life

Smart devices, speakers and wearable tech are being used to solve crimes, but they could also make you vulnerable to criminals in the first place 

by Nick Harding