Sustainable Style Spotlight: Jen Sault of Thrift for Good on Ditching Fast Fashion

Jen Sault, Founder and Managing Director of Thrift for Good, tells The Ethicalist why and how we should make the switch from overconsumption to thrifting

by Jen Sault

Our Pick of the Best Sustainable Plus Size Clothing Brands

Plus size ethical fashion has often been overlooked by the industry but that’s slowly changing. Here we look at seven brands offering inclusive sizes that are both sustainable and chic.

by Irene Feeney

Fast Fashion Company Zara Faces Boycott Calls Over ‘Tone Deaf’ Campaign

The Zara campaign which seems to be mocking Gaza through the use of rubble, limbless statues and mannequins wrapped in white cloth, has caused global outrage

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Unwrap Your Style: Eco-Friendly Holiday Looks For Every Personality

Holiday glamour and ethical practices merge in these exquisite holiday looks, redefining the allure of festive fashion

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Meet The Middle Eastern Designers Pioneering Sustainable Style

These five Middle Eastern designers are fashion game-changers with sustainability at heart

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How To Resist The Buy-Me-Quick Allure Of Hype Culture

From Insta-worthy clothes that get discarded after 24 hours to energy drinks that taste the same as all the others and celebrity-endorsed sneakers we never wear, we’re all buying into destructive hype culture

by Hayley Doyle

Cool Looks: The Hottest Climate Change-Resilient Clothes

As the mercury rises because of global warming, scientists and even NASA are designing climate change-resilient clothes to withstand the heat

by Caitriona McBride

Clear Your Closet Clutter Without Harming the Planet With These Toxic Free Tips

Follow these five easy steps to declutter your closet without sending even a scrap to landfill

by Antoinette Chorlton 

Slow Fashion For Fast Movers: Four Sustainable Sportswear Brands in the UAE

Want to save the seas, but not sure which brands are ethical and sustainable, then check out these four sustainable sportswear brands committed to making a difference

by Michelle Kuehn

The Rise of Pre-Loved Luxury in the UAE

As major regional e-tailers embrace the burgeoning multi-billion-dollar pre-loved market, we take a look at how, where and what to shop, this second-hand September

by Rachel Bassett