Campaigners Lose Landmark Animal Rights Case: Happy the Elephant ‘Not a Person’ Rules New York Court 

Happy the elephant, resident at a Bronx zoo for 45 years, must stay there after court rules she is not legally a person under US law.

by Nick Ames

Scotland’s Forests Almost Back to Where They Were One Thousand Years Ago

Scotland’s forested land has tripled in the last century creating wildlife habits, better air quality and battling climate change

by Nick Ames

Plastic Pollution isn’t a Death Sentence for Marine Mammals Only: It’s Killing Camels Too

A number of camels are starving to death, being poisoned by toxins, or having their internal organs ripped apart after eating plastic

by Anthea Ayache

World Rainforest Day: Why it Matters

Rainforests are home to half the world’s animal and plant species and are essential for keeping our climate stable. Yet the size of 40 football fields is lost every minute of every day

by Anthea Ayache

Drought Could Impact over 75 per cent of World Population by 2050

If urgent action is not taken around 700 million people will be displaced by drought by 2030

by Nick Ames

The UAE Turtle Sheikh Saving One of the World’s Oldest Species

Sea turtles have swum our waters for over 100 million years even surviving the mass extinction that killed off dinosaurs, but the world’s oldest species is now under serious threat

by Anthea Ayache

The Missing Lynx: Big Cats Could Be Released In Britain

They’ve been successfully rewilded in France, Switzerland and Germany so could the once extinct lynx make a return to England to create an eco-tourist big cat territory?

by Sarah Freeman

The Rat Pack: Turning Rodents into First Responders

Rescue rats strapped with microphones in mini backpacks, are being trained to locate earthquake victims stuck under the rubble

by Nick Ames

Don’t Name New Species after Celebrities In Case They Become Victim to Cancel Culture, Expert Warns

Being named after an A-lister might seem fitting for a newly discovered insect, plant or animal but what happens when the celebrity becomes unpopular?

by Nick Ames

Climate Change Killer: A Devastating 91 per cent of the Great Barrier Reef Suffers Coral Bleaching

Rising ocean temperatures in the popular tourist areas along Australia’s north eastern coast – including the Whitsundays – has caused coral bleaching on an unprecedented scale so what can be done to save the reef?

by Karen Pasquali Jones