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The Sixth Mass Extinction: A Beginner’s Guide To How We’re Destroying The World

Climate change, pollution and habitat destruction could be nudging us catastrophically towards an event that wiped out the dinosaurs. But the biggest problem is us. So how can we stop the sixth mass extinction?

by Mike Peake

From 62 to Over 2,000: Iberian Lynx Defies the Odds in Remarkable Recovery

Thanks to conservation efforts Iberian Lynx numbers have jumped up from less that a hundred to more than 2,000 in just 22 years

by Nick Ames

Extinct Within A Generation? Why Climate Change Is Giving Wild Camels The Hump

With fewer than 1,000 individuals, the ‘King of the Gobi’ camel is weathering a perfect storm of drought, disease, and digging for gold

by Sarah Freeman

Choking Point: The World’s Most Polluted Cities

Residents of cities around the world are breathing in deadly air particles that kill millions per year – and the climate crisis is making it worse

by Nick Harding

Why We Need To Save The Bugs: The World’s Unsung Heroes

Rather than be scared by creepy crawlies, we need to embrace them as bugs are the secret saviours of the planet

by Caitriona McBride

Biodiversity Boost: How To Strengthen Our Natural World’s Fragile Future

As wildlife populations plummet by 70 per cent and one in five plants are at risk from vanishing forever, plans to put the brakes on biodiversity declines are more important than ever

by Sarah Freeman

The New Buzz About Honey Bees: Why They’re Good For People And The Planet

One third of the world’s food production depends on honey bees but they’re battling climate change, pesticides and our insatiable appetite for the liquid gold to survive. On National Honey Bee Day, we lift the sticky lid on the lives of these industrious insects

by Sarah Freeman

UAE Experts Explore Native Halophytes As New Local Superfood

Experts are excited about the use of halophytes not only as new ingredient but as a plant that could even help combat the climate crisis

by Nick Ames

Flight For Survival: How Climate Crisis Is Threatening Bird Migrations

The climate crisis, light pollution, commercial fishing and even dazzling skyscrapers all make birds migrations increasingly dangerous. On World Migratory Bird Day we lift the lid on our feathered friends’ fraught migratory journeys

by Sarah Freeman

King of The Urban Jungle: The Leopards Of Mumbai

Long protected by Mumbai’s tribal communities, can the city’s famously adaptable urban leopards survive urbanisation and sterilisation?

by Sarah Freeman