Why Conflict-Free Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend

You don’t want to celebrate Valentine’s with a diamond that’s paid for a civil war or been plucked from the ground by a child. Luckily, you can sparkle with ethical jewellery

by Rae Ritchie

Seagrass Prairies: Why We Need To Save The Savannas Of The Sea Now

They protect our coastlines and trap microplastics in their ribbon-like-leaves, so why are seagrass prairies the ocean’s most overlooked habitat?

by Sarah Freeman

Drones to Drop 2.5 Million Mangrove Seeds in Abu Dhabi

The plan is part of a UAE national goal to plant 100 million mangroves by 2030

by Nick Ames

Europe Braced for Drought As Experts Warn Water Supplies Are Drying Up

Europe faces drought as global warming exacerbates heatwaves, wildfires, floods, and snow-free ski slopes

by Nick Ames

Overpopulation And The Climate Crisis: Is It Selfish To Have Another Baby?

Younger generations are opting not to have children in an attempt to stave off the environmental impact of overpopulation but could that be more of a problem than a solution?

by Josh Sims

Mountain Lion Who Was Emblem For Wildlife Conservation Has Died

Tragic ending for P-22, known as the ‘Brad Pitt of mountain lions’, who was trapped in the City of Angels by a ring of motorways before world’s biggest wildlife conservation bridge could free him

by Nick Ames

Why Pets Aren’t Just for Christmas: The Truth About The UAE’s Stray Animal Crisis 

While buying a little puppy or kitten for the festive season might seem like a magical idea, local animal welfare volunteers explain why the trend is exacerbating the UAE’s problem with unwanted pets

by Harriet Shephard

Free At Last: Pangolin Captured By Traffickers Is Released Back Into The Wild

Pangolins are the most trafficked mammals in the world because their scales are prized for traditional Chinese medicine but one has been rescued and taught how to survive in her natural habitat

by Hayley O'Keeffe

Hippos Face Extinction As Illegal Ivory Made From Their Teeth Found For Sale Online

Hippos are not currently protected by tough UK laws against the ivory trade which focusses primarily on elephants, international charity Born Free says

by Nick Ames

Iconic Emperor Penguin to be Officially Protected as Experts Warn of Extinction

The Emperor Penguin has been granted protection status under the Endangered Species Act in the US as vanishing Antarctic sea ice threatens to decimate 99 per cent of their population by the end of the century

by Nick Ames