5 Ways to Be ‘Turtley Awesome’ in The UAE To Help Save Our Hard-Shelled Friends

The Sea Turtle may be slow, but these sea-faring heroes are quickly disappearing and only we can help save them!

by Michelle Kuehn

Why Keeping Our Skies Buzzing With Bees Is Essential For Life As We Know It

On World Bee Day we report on the uncertain future of earth’s most important pollinators

by Sarah Freeman

What We Can Learn From The Wild Dogs of Chernobyl

Scientists examining the genetics of stray dogs living around the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone believe their DNA could transform what we know about the effects of radiation.

by Nick Ames

The Green King’s Legacy: A Mountain Of Coronation Waste

Tons of single-use coronation waste including plastic bunting, plates, cutlery, and favours along with more food waste than at Christmas is heading to landfill today

by Karen Pasquali Jones

Poisoned by Plastic: Sri Lanka’s Sacred Elephants

Driven to forage in dumpsters and landfill by the degradation of their habitat, Sri Lanka’s beloved pachyderms face a new nemesis: plastic which is killing them in their droves

by Sarah Freeman

Campaigners Roar Against Tourists Buying Lion Meat For Dinner As A ‘Sick And Callous Indulgence’

Backlash against American farmer selling lion meat and other ‘vulnerable’ exotic animals to tourists to eat for dinner at almost $50,000 a pound

by Nick Ames

Call to End Jump Racing After Three Grand National Deaths

Calls continue to ban jumping at the Grand National after three horses died at the sport’s flagship event

by Nick Ames

Make It Rain! How Cloud Seeding In the UAE Is Helping The Planet

Weather modification is being used to make rain in the driest, hottest parts of the world but cloud seeding could also tackle floods in the future say scientists

by Nick Harding

The Invisible Extinction: Will We Even Notice The Cold-Blooded End of Reptiles?

Whether you think they’re cool or creepy, reptiles are essential for global biodiversity but a fifth face extinction – wiping out 16 billion years of evolution in our lifetime. Here’s why we should all love our scaly friends

by Sarah Freeman

Critically Endangered Amur Leopard Twin Cubs Born At US Zoo

Fewer than 300 members of the rarest big cats exist but their population has swelled with the birth of the adorable Amur Leopard twins

by Nick Ames