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The Fight To Get Critically Endangered Vultures Flying High Again

Key to thriving ecosystems, carrion-eating vultures are in a desperate flight for survival. Can protected flyways, rubber-coated power lines and vulture ‘restaurants’ save them from global extinction?

by Sarah Freeman

A Question Of Meat: Does Your Diet Really Shape the World?

More people are adopting plant-based lifestyles to combat climate change but the question remains: does a meat free diet really offer the environmental benefits many claim?

Editor’s Note: The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions or editorial stance of the magazine

by Josh Sims

Project Turtle 1000: An Amazing Milestone in UAE Marine Conservation

The Wildlife Rescue Program in Abu Dhabi is celebrating the rescue and rehabilitation of almost one thousand sea turtles with a ‘Turtle 1000’ release expected this summer

by Anthea Ayache

Water Wars: The Rising Global Tensions Over H20

Within two years, two-thirds of the planet could be facing what the UN calls ‘water stress’ with the potential for conflict reaching boiling point

by Mike Peake

Meat’s Nightmare Impact: Why The ‘Steaks’ are High for Our Planet’s Health

Meat production is responsible for about 40 per cent of all deforestation while producing just one pound of beef requires approximately 1,800 gallons of water

by Anthea Ayache

Shield Your Sanctuary: How To Climate Proof Your Home

From planting native, water absorbing plants to making sure your AC units are functioning optimally, there’s lots you can do to climate proof your home

by Charlotte Ward

Ecocide: The Environmental Impact Of War

Beyond the human tragedy, from catastrophic loss of life to orphaned and injured children, war’s destructive and long-lasting effects on our natural environment is deliberate ecocide

by Caitriona McBride

Turbulence Alert: How Climate Change is Stirring Up a Storm in the Skies

From advancements in turbulence detection systems to revised flight paths, the industry is not merely buckling up for more bumps; it’s redefining the way we fly in the face of a shifting climate

by Josh Sims

Hit The Trails: Six Beautiful Hikes to Try in The UAE 

Spanning lush green wadis, hidden beaches and extraordinary canyons, the UAE is home to some incredible hikes

by Harriet Shephard