Return Of The Roar: How Lions Are Overcoming New Mane Threats To Stay King Of The Jungle

Speared, poisoned and poached for their body parts, lions are becoming increasingly vulnerable and could be extinct by 2050 if we don’t help save them

by Sarah Freeman

5 Ways To Enjoy and Protect Abu Dhabi’s Magical Mangroves

July 26th welcomes International Day for the Conservation of Mangroves, so let’s jump knee deep into the salty swamps that protect not only the atmosphere but also our coastlines

by Michelle Kuehn

How Science-Based Tech Could Save Our Seas

As Marine Week kicks off, we take a look at some of the tech projects being developed around the world to cool our oceans – but could they have unintended consequences on the world’s seas?

by Maz Fletcher

Fantastic But Fragile Beasts: 10 Of The World’s Most Endangered Animals

From flightless parrots to secretive cetaceans, these are some of the planet’s most endangered species trying to claw their way back from the brink of extinction

by Sarah Freeman

Deadly Heatwave And Wildfires Rip Through Europe Which Is Set To Get Even Hotter

Fossil fuel emissions must be reduced to counter deadly climate-change-induced heatwave and wildfires, say scientists

by Nick Ames

Why Sharks Are Our Oceans’ Superheroes

Able to curb climate change, help save coral reefs and safeguard seagrass, sharks are more remarkable than ruthless, and should be revered not feared

by Sarah Freeman

Deep Impact: How Nasa Protects Us From Giant Asteroids Hurtling Towards Earth

Every day NASA tracks thousands of asteroids – some the size of sky scrapers, houses and buses – to ensure they don’t come too near Earth and has even carried out a mission to successfully divert a huge space rock

by Nick Ames

Green Guardians Of The Galaxy: The Uncertain Future Of Our Rainforests Revealed

Indigenous stewardship, plant-based diets and quitting fossil fuels for good are key to safeguarding our remaining rainforests which are the lungs of the planet

by Sarah Freeman

White Rhinos Return To Democratic Republic of Congo

The reintroduction of a crash of white rhinos heralds plans for national breeding programme

by Nick Ames