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5-Meter Sea Level Rise Looms As Experts Warn We Have ‘Lost Control’ of Melting Ice Shelves

Research suggests that even if we limit temperature rise to 1.5 degrees Celsius, climate change could still cause the ocean to warm at three times the historical rate, melting ice shelves and causing a major sea level rise

by Nick Ames

Climate Champions: 7 Cities Leading the Way in Adaptation

These global cities offer hope and inspiration for climate resiliency

by Charlotte Ward

Antarctic Fur Seals Staged an Extraordinary Comeback, Yet Now a New Challenge Looms

Antarctic fur seals, once endangered by overhunting, have made a remarkable recovery but new research reveals a potential food shortage threat to this conservation success story

by Nick Ames

The Human Voice Is Now More Frightening To Wildlife Than A Lion’s Roar

African mammals are now more fearful of us than lions, with the human voice more scary to 95 per cent of species than the roar

by Nick Ames

Edible Extinction: The Foods Most At Risk From Climate Change

As our world continues to warm, the foods we rely on will become more scarce and those with the least, will be hit the hardest.

by Charlotte Ward

2023: A Year of Catastrophic Climate Emergencies

For Environmental Health Day we take a look at some of the biggest climate emergencies of 2023 so far—and what lessons can be learnt from them

by Charlotte Ward

How Asia’s Greater One-Horned Rhino Is Winning The War Against The Climate Crisis

From floods to deadly flowers, the threats facing Nepal and India’s rhinos have been met head on with community-focused conservation projects and a zero tolerance to poachers

by Sarah Freeman

How Wildlife Hunting and Climate Change Are Linked

Poaching not only negatively affects ecosystems and biodiversity but can have severe consequences on climate change according to a new study

by Nick Ames

Rare Red Pandas Born At UK Wildlife Park

The rare red pandas are part of a breeding programme run by Longleat Safari Park

by Nick Ames