A Catastrophe Brewing? How The Climate Crisis Could Cause A Coffee Drought

Coffee consumption continues to climb globally but could climate change mean the end for your cappuccino?

by Nick Harding

What Lies Beneath: How The Mysterious Twilight Zone Could Save Our Oceans

Earth’s last great wilderness beneath the waves is crucial in regulating the global climate by removing planet-warming carbon from the atmosphere but even the Twilight Zone is now under threat

by Sarah Freeman

Chhouk The Elephant Trapped in Poaching Snare Receives Prosthetic Foot and Walks Again

The Cambodia-UK rehabilitation project looking after Chhouk have called the prosthetic ‘amazing’

by Anthea Ayache

The Heat Is On: Why The Next El Niño Could Make This The Hottest Year Ever

Global warming is exacerbating the effects of the climate-changing El Niño phenomenon which, when it arrives later this year, will make the world hotter and the UAE wetter

by Nick Harding

5 Ways to Be ‘Turtley Awesome’ in The UAE To Help Save Our Hard-Shelled Friends

The Sea Turtle may be slow, but these sea-faring heroes are quickly disappearing and only we can help save them!

by Michelle Kuehn

Why Keeping Our Skies Buzzing With Bees Is Essential For Life As We Know It

On World Bee Day we report on the uncertain future of earth’s most important pollinators

by Sarah Freeman

What We Can Learn From The Wild Dogs of Chernobyl

Scientists examining the genetics of stray dogs living around the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone believe their DNA could transform what we know about the effects of radiation.

by Nick Ames

The Green King’s Legacy: A Mountain Of Coronation Waste

Tons of single-use coronation waste including plastic bunting, plates, cutlery, and favours along with more food waste than at Christmas is heading to landfill today

by Karen Pasquali Jones

Poisoned by Plastic: Sri Lanka’s Sacred Elephants

Driven to forage in dumpsters and landfill by the degradation of their habitat, Sri Lanka’s beloved pachyderms face a new nemesis: plastic which is killing them in their droves

by Sarah Freeman