It’s Global Recycling Day: Here are 5 Easy Ways To Recycle Your Waste In The UAE

The UAE is home to many amazing recycling initiatives, and Global Recycling Day provides the perfect motivation to start using them

by Harriet Shephard

Take To The Skies: Dubai’s Race to Launch The First Commercial Electric Flying Vehicles

The future of transport is almost here with experts predicting there will be 430,000 flying vehicles in operation by 2040, and Dubai wants to be at the forefront

by Nick Harding

5 Trusted Ways UAE Residents Can Help Pakistan Flood Victims

To make sure you’re donating to a verified source we’ve rounded up UAE approved charities that are helping the victims of the Pakistan floods.

by Shaheera Anwar

It’s the All New Inclusive and Eco Barbie!

New versions of the iconic doll wearing hearing aids and as part of a team ready to save the planet have been released including one modelled on conservationist Dr Jane Goodall, UN Messenger of Peace

by Karen Pasquali Jones

Why Ethical Diamonds are Everyone’s (including the Planet’s) Best Friend

Marilyn Monroe’s favourite gems have funded civil wars, the criminal underworld and terrorism but now the jewellery trade is slowly changing thanks to new ethical and technological practices

by Nick Harding

Spinneys UAE Launch Statement Tote Bag From Upcycled Plastics 

Created in collaboration with local sustainable artist Peahead Eco, the limited-edition shopper supports the nation’s ban on single-use plastics

by Harriet Shephard

New (Recycled) Balls Please! The Race to Ace Sustainable Tennis Balls

As Dubai Duty Free Tennis Championships gets underway, sporting manufacturers reveal they’re now ready to serve up a volley of sustainable and recycled tennis balls to keep old ones coated with microplastics out of landfill

by Josh Sims

Will NFTs Save Endangered Wildlife?

From helping rewild European bison, to safeguarding one of the world’s rarest birds, NFT art is being used as a force for good

by Sarah Freeman

How Green Is Your Bank?

From contributing to global warming to investing in arms to maximise profits, the finance industry has been less than ethical but a slew of banks in the UAE are determined to go greener

by Caitriona McBride

Will Star Fuel Be The Stellar Solution to the World’s Energy Problems

The world’s biggest science experiment in the French countryside will create a mini-star on Earth that’s hotter than the sun, heralding limitless green energy

by Nick Harding