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VOYA Founder Mark Walton Talks Surfing, Sustainable Seaweed (oh, and Saving Seals)

We sit down for a chat with Mark Walton, founder of VOYA, a natural beauty brand that was born on a seaweed farm in Ireland and can now be found in 42 countries including the UAE

by Anthea Ayache

Recycle in the UAE: The Creative Way

It’s never been easier to recycle in the UAE with countless companies offering innovative, easy, and free ways of reducing landfill

by Harriet Shephard

Presents for Palestine: Buy Gifts That Help Those in Need This Christmas

Discover the true spirit of giving with meaningful gifts from 13 organisations supporting Palestine this Christmas

by Kaya Scott

Masdar Partners With UK To Create World’s Biggest Offshore Wind Farm

Rishi Sunak announces deal with Masdar at COP28 to create renewables programme that will power three million homes with help of the UAE’s clean energy company

by Nick Ames

UAE Pledges $100 Million For Loss and Damage Fund On Opening Day of Cop28

The opening day of Cop28 delivered an historic loss and damage deal that saw the UAE and Germany pledge $100 million for vulnerable countries in the face of climate change

by Nick Ames

Unlock Access to COP 28: A Guide for the Public to Join the Climate Conversation

Dubai is gearing up for COP28 next week, and you have the chance to be part of this pivotal event

by Tessy Koshy

Paper Receipts: The Troublesome Truth

In the US, a staggering 10 million trees are felled annually just for paper receipts…Venkat Reddy, founder and CEO of Klipit, a digital receipt solution, sheds light on why it’s crucial for the world to move beyond this outdated tradition

by Venkat Reddy

Welcome to the Neighbourhood: How 15-Minute Cities Are Coming to Life in the UAE

With COP28 just around the corner, Expo City and Masdar City are setting an example for sustainable urban planning in the UAE, with ambitions for 15-minute cities

by Georgia Lewis

UAE Opens Wind Farms in Advance of COP28

23,000 homes in different parts of the emirates will be powered by the new wind farms

by Nick Ames

COP28 Unpacked: Essential Things to Know and How They Affect You

We’ve decoded COP28 so you can discover how the pivotal climate summit will shape your world and redefine our collective future

by Kate Hardcastle