Spinneys UAE Launch Statement Tote Bag From Upcycled Plastics 

Created in collaboration with local sustainable artist Peahead Eco, the limited-edition shopper supports the nation’s ban on single-use plastics

by Harriet Shephard

Will NFTs Save Endangered Wildlife?

From helping rewild European bison, to safeguarding one of the world’s rarest birds, NFT art is being used as a force for good

by Sarah Freeman

How Green Is Your Bank?

From contributing to global warming to investing in arms to maximise profits, the finance industry has been less than ethical but a slew of banks in the UAE are determined to go greener

by Caitriona McBride

Will Star Fuel Be The Stellar Solution to the World’s Energy Problems

The world’s biggest science experiment in the French countryside will create a mini-star on Earth that’s hotter than the sun, heralding limitless green energy

by Nick Harding

Recycling in the UAE: The Creative Way

Recycling in the UAE has never been more convenient, with countless companies offering innovative, easy, and free ways of reducing landfill

by Harriet Shephard

Rent a Coffin: The Ultimate Sustainable Funeral

When her mother died and her sister was killed, Sophia Campbell-Shaw created a willow coffin that helps the planet as well as grieving families

by Karen Pasquali Jones