Say I Do To A Gorgeous Eco-Friendly Wedding

Show your guests you love the planet as much as your bride or groom-to-be and go for a stylish and sustainable wedding

by Hayley Doyle

The Top 5 Incredible Nature Movies To Watch Now

From an elephant queen to an octopus teacher, rival chimps and the fight to grow crops, these are the must-see wildlife and nature movies that will change your life – as well as your summer

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Are You An Almond Mum Inflicting Unhealthy Habits On Your Children?

They’re always on a strict diet, think a single grape is a dessert and keep to their exercise plan – even in their sick child’s hospital room. Here’s how to spot an almond mum and to make sure you don’t become one

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One Giant Step For The UAE: Rashid Rover Due To Land On Moon In Thrilling First Mission

The Emirates is taking a leading role in 21st century space missions with the Rashid rover set to explore lunar landscape when it touches down

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How And Where In The UAE You Can Join In The Spirit Of Ramadan  

The Holy Month of Ramadan is well under way but there are still so many ways to get involved and give back to the community

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7 Easy Ways To Recycle Every Day

We make a mountain of 2 billion tons of waste each year which ends up in landfill. Recycle more with our expert tips and we can all tackle the climate crisis

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Who’s Talking Sustainability at the Emirates Airline Festival of Literature 2023?

Now in it’s 15th year, the Emirates Airline Festival of Literature is inviting a host of sustainability experts for all the family

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Get The New Rabbit Habit: What We Can All Learn in 2023 From The Year Of The Rabbit

Far from being just fluffy and cute, rabbits are ingenious so, as we celebrate the Chinese New Year, what can they teach us and what’s in store for us all?

by Christine Fieldhouse

Where to Recycle Your Christmas Tree (for Free) in the UAE

Don’t let your festive evergreen go to waste. There are numerous creative ways to recycle and reuse your Christmas Trees

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