Inspirational and practical tips on how to celebrate events and cultural highlights with the environment in mind

7 Ways To Have Yourself A Nostalgic Little Christmas

Remember when we were children how Christmas was truly magical? Embrace an old-style, nostalgic Christmas and make memories, not mountains of future landfill

by Hayley Doyle

Crazy Christmas: Unusual Ways We Celebrate The Festive Period

From terrifying cats to mythical beasts and even competitive radish carving, Christmas looks a lot different depending on where in the world you celebrate it

by Nick Watkins

Chicken Run Sequel Praised For Showing Reality of Poultry Farms

Animal rights activists have praised Chicken Run 2 for being a ‘vegan morality tale’

by Nick Ames

Gifting Moments: Unwrap Experiences This Holiday Season

From vegan culinary masterclasses to indulgent natural spa days, gifting these experiences is sure to make your loved ones – and the planet – happy

by Rachel Bassett

Let’s Go Outside: 6 Exciting & Sustainable Ways to Celebrate The Union Day Weekend

Celebrate the UAE’s 52nd Union Day in the beauty of the nation’s great outdoors

by Nick Watkins

Countdown to a Green Christmas With Our Favourite Eco Advent Calendars

From vegan chocolates to biodegradable packaging, count down to Christmas with our guide to sustainable advent calendars

by Anthea Ayache

Principle Over Praise: The Cost and Courage of Saying ‘No’ in a Culture of Yes

In a world echoing with yes, it takes a bold spirit to stand alone and say no but many have discovered the power of this one simple word and the authenticity it advocates

by Josh Sims

Trick or Treat: 5 ‘Eerie-sistible’ Ways to Have a Very Vegan Halloween

These vegan Halloween rituals are wickedly awesome so hold onto your broomsticks for the most eerily ethical Halloween ever

by Michelle Kuehn

How To Resist The Buy-Me-Quick Allure Of Hype Culture

From Insta-worthy clothes that get discarded after 24 hours to energy drinks that taste the same as all the others and celebrity-endorsed sneakers we never wear, we’re all buying into destructive hype culture

by Hayley Doyle