The Body Shop UAE: Calling All Future Climate Leaders

The Body Shop has relaunched its Be seen, Be Heard programme for the second year in a row that seeks to find the UAE’s climate leaders of tomorrow

by Nick Ames

Come Fly With Us: How Sustainable Aviation May Make Our Skies Green

A raft of new fuels – including one made out of cooking oil – and technologies are set to make aviation kinder on the environment, but are these the eco miracle cures the sector needs?

by Mike Peake

2000 White Rhinos To Be Rewilded After Private Auction Fails

A non profit has purchased the world’s largest captive rhino breeding operation in a bid to rescue and rewild the white rhinos

by Nick Ames

Emirati Women’s Day 2023: Meet Six Inspiring Female Green Business Owners

Emirati Women’s Day Special: Creating everything from luxury fashion rental services to ethical baby food, these are some of the UAE’s most eco-conscious Emirati women in business

by Harriet Shephard

How The Climate Crisis Is Affecting The Middle East

From wildfires in Syria to droughts in Iraq and Iran, the Middle East is feeling the sting of global warming and the climate crisis more acutely than many other regions. Is there a way out?

by Mike Peake

Hot On The Heels of Poachers On The Conservation Front Line With Rangers

On World Ranger Day, conservationist Holly Budge recalls how she stumbled across a poachers’ camp in Zimbabwe while on patrol

Photos: Amish Chhagan

by Holly Budge

Greta Thunberg Forcibly Removed From New Protest Just Hours After Being Fined for Protesting

The climate activist tells Swedish court that she’s not guilty of crime because she has to protest as ‘we are in an emergency that threatens life, health and property’

by Nick Ames

How Gen Z Are Going To Save The Planet

Some of them have only just become teenagers but Gen Z are the green generation doing everything in their power – and beyond – to stop global warming and rescue the planet

by Georgina Fuller

Latest Artificial Intelligence Is Saving Critically Endangered Rhinos From Armed Poachers

A South African Game Reserve Is using the latest artificial intelligence enabled collars to track and monitor white and black rhinos to keep them safe

by Karen Pasquali Jones