Cheap and Cheerful Ways to a Brighter January

It’s been rated as the most miserable month of the year but there are plenty of ways to bring sparkle and joy into January too

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6 Ways To Conquer Rushing Woman’s Syndrome

Juggling a family, career and stress affects women’s health but cure rushing woman’s syndrome with these expert tips

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Do YOU have Tall Poppy Syndrome?

Are you envious of your friend’s new place, promotion or pregnancy? Do you secretly wish they’d fail or celebrate their misfortune? You could be suffering from Tall Poppy Syndrome

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End 2022 Strong And Start Achieving Your Goals For 2023 Now!

There’s still time to land your dream job, start writing that book or run 5k as now is the month to work on achieving your goals for 2023

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How To Survive Christmas Guests Without Becoming The Grinch

We’ve all heard the expression that guests are like fish – they start to stink after three days, but spread the festive cheer with these five fun but essential tips

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Forget The Christmas Stress: Here’s How To Survive The Festive Season

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6 Easy Lifestyle Tips to Treat Prediabetes from Holistic Lifestyle Coach Luke Coutinho

Millions suffer from prediabetes caused by their lifestyle but Luke Coutinho, an award-winning lifestyle medicine and holistic nutrition expert and author, who has worked with Shilpa Shetty among others, shares how to prevent, and reverse, one of the world’s most common diseases

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8 Surprising Reasons To Meditate: The 40 Minutes A Day That Can Change Your Life

Meditating can boost your health, happiness and even make you age slower, say experts – and it’s backed up by science

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Are You Stressed Out Trying To Relax? Then You Might Have Stresslaxation

Nearly half the population are suffering from stresslaxation – anxiety brought on by the mere idea of switching off – which began during the pandemic and lockdown but can be more damaging than you think, warn experts

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