Would You Join The Cult Of Extreme Fitness Challenges To Look Years Younger?

Extreme fitness challenges are increasingly popular, with Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg the latest to undertake one. Why do men do them, and are they good for you?

by Nick Harding

Imposter Syndrome: Why Do Successful Women Think They Are A Fraud?

They have top grades, a high-flying job, and a gorgeous family so why are more and more women suffering from imposter syndrome and believe they will lose everything once they’re ‘found out’

by Christine Fieldhouse

An Attitude of Gratitude: 10 Ways To Say Thank You And Change Lives

Saying thank you is going out of style even though it can boost your and the recipient’s self-esteem, mental health and happiness. Here’s how to express your attitude of gratitude on Thank You Day

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Old Cures New Era: 9 Natural Remedies For Everyday Ailments

From curing insect bites to inducing sleep, these bountiful natural remedies are not to be sniffed at

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The Rise Of Digital Addiction: Why You Need To Switch Off Now

We spend almost seven hours a day online and most adults even cuddle their phone at night but digital addiction increases loneliness, depression and isolation which is why experts say it’s time for a 28-day digital detox

by Christine Fieldhouse

How To Clean Your Air With These 8 Amazing House Plants

Our guide to the best pot house plants to keep indoors to help combat air pollution

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Diabetes: The Ticking Time Bomb We Can’t Ignore

A staggering 783 million people will have been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes worldwide by 2045 thanks to rising obesity caused by a love of junk food and increasingly sedentary lifestyles – but just a few simple tweaks to your diet can prevent and even reverse the killer condition

by Christine Fieldhouse

8 Natural Ways To Combat Jet Lag

From eating a banana to hitting the gym, banish fatigue with these simple jet lag cures

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Do You Suffer From ‘Tomorrow Syndrome’?

How to stop procrastinating and banish Tomorrow Syndrome with three motivational experts’ top 10 tips to get things done!

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