A Sustainable Seafood Startup Cultivates Oysters to Save the Oceans

In the US, an eco conscious startup is developing the world’s first oysters grown from stem cells. And there’s a vegan version too.

by Anthea Ayache

Wagamama Launches Sustainable Packaging and Bowl Bank To Tackle Plastic Pollution

The modern Asian restaurant brand claims new delivery packaging will remove 330 tonnes of virgin plastic from supply chain and drastically lower carbon footprint

by Karen Pasquali Jones

Soup-er Suppers for Sizzling Summer Nights

Chill with these delicious vegetarian soups that can be served hot or cold with simple herb focaccia bread

by Alexio Pasquali

8 Simple Ways to Make Your Garden More Sustainable

Reduce your garden’s impact by upcycling, reusing and becoming more self-sufficient

by Ellen Tout

Third-Culture Cuisine at Dubai’s Ethically Exclusive Moonrise Restaurant

Solemann Haddad of Moonrise – a restaurant that seats 8 and only serves two dinners a night – creates culinary art that transcends borders while minimising food waste. Here’s how.

by Samia Qaiyum

Meet the Foodfluencers Hungry to Serve Up Delicious, Sustainable Dishes

Forget cook books! Today’s popular recipes come from social media superstars – the foodfluencers – ushering in an era of sustainable eating

by Georgina Fuller

Energy Boosting Alternatives to Coffee For Mind, Body and Spirit

Looking for an energetic start without caffeine? We discover an abundance of natural ingredients to maintain balance and stamina throughout your day.

by Nadia Gardener

Ten Easy Ways to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint… Now

The average person’s carbon footprint is seven tonnes of C02e a year but we can easily reduce it by making tweaks to our everyday lives

by Ellen Tout

The Greatest Show on Earth

As the Great Migration from the Serengeti into the Masai Mara gets underway here’s how to get a ringside seat for nature’s most sensational spectacle

by Karen Pasquali Jones