Game with A View: These Are The World’s Most Beautiful Padel Courts

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Padel is one of the world’s fastest growing sports and has become especially popular across the Middle East with thousands of courts being booked every day. The UAE, and Dubai in particular, is now a haven for padel players with over 200 facilities opening since the game was first formally introduced in the nation back in 2013.

Invented in Mexico in the 1960s, padel fever has gripped the globe with new courts opening faster than a pro’s overhead smash. Countries are catching up with the likes of Argentina and Spain, two of the early adopters of padel – the European capital alone has 20,000 padel courts and over four million active players, making it the nation’s second most popular sport, behind football.

Celebrities such as Eva Longoria and Elle Macpherson are regularly found on court as are stars from other sports. David Beckham and Lionel Messi are keen fans and often have a racket in hand (Messi even has a court in his back garden) and celebrity tournaments are also growing in popularity. In February, ex-footballers Francesco Totti, Christian Vieri, Dida and Luca Toni were just a few of the big names competing at an event in Dubai.

As the game has grown in statue, so have the places you can play it. The once niche sport has become a must-have for luxury holiday resorts, coastal retreats and urban cities as the game’s phenomenal rise continues.

Here you’ll find the most beautiful courts set in stunning scenery, serving up an unforgettable game.

Kuredu Resort & Spa, Maldives

padel court set amongst palm trees in the maldives

As if the Maldives wasn’t already desirable enough, this has turned things up a notch – where else can you play padel in paradise? Here, players are surrounded by white sand and crystal-clear water making this the perfect place for a few sets. Kuredu Resort & Spa was the first Maldives resort to erect padel facilities and now has three stunning courts. Once players have worked up a sweat, they can take a dip in the ocean for the perfect way to unwind. The court is also flood-lit, so games take place long after the sun has gone down too. Smashing.

Tignes, France

padel court in ski resort with backdrop of snow covered mountains

This spectacular padel court, located in the French Alps, sat 2100 metres above sea level and is one of the most idyllic places the game has ever been played. Part of a special event by Cupra, the stunning temporary court is rumoured to be making a much-welcomed comeback as the idea of winter padel starts to snowball. So, now’s the time to grab your Thermal socks and swap the skis for a racket because the bottom of the slopes will soon be the new place to be.

The Campus, Quinta do Lago, Portugal –

aerial view of a padel court in Portugal

A sports campus, with new padel courts you say? Count us in! A padel resort is something most can only dream of, yet for those in Quinta do Lago it’s a reality. Admittedly, the outdoor courts are part of a wider sports set up, which includes indoor and outdoor facilities, a pool and tennis courts giving racket sport fans the perfect place to spend the day. The four padel courts are surrounded by lush greenery so when you’ve played for a few hours (if you know, you know) there’s the ideal place to rest and eat in the sunshine.

Hilton Seychelles Labriz, Seychelles

lady playing padel surrounded by palm trees

If you’re a padel player you’ll know it isn’t just a sport, it’s a way of life, which is why more and more people now want to play it even when they go on a relaxing holiday. This hasn’t gone unnoticed by Hilton in the Seychelles, which has created one of the world’s most tranquil places to play. Surrounded by foliage, all that can be heard at this hidden hideaway are blissful sounds of winning points on the court. Okay, that’s a stretch, there’s also the sound of the ball thudding against the glass and groans of frustration when the ball hits the net, but padel lovers wouldn’t have it any other way.

Zannier Hotels, Bãi San Hô, Vietnam 

padel courts in lush Vietnamese forest

These days luxury resorts aren’t luxury resorts unless they include padel courts. This nature and beachfront retreat spans a whopping 245 acres and much to the delight of padel fans, a secluded court sits right in the centre. Located on the peninsula of the Phu Yen province in Vietnam, the green court surface is in keeping with its lush surroundings and is close enough to the ocean for a post-match dip or even snorkelling around the stunning coral reef.

Hudson, New York City, USA

padel court in central New York

Space in the Big Apple may be limited but thankfully there’s room in the concrete jungle for some padel courts. As the city embraces the game, some first class facilities are popping up across the city, giving hard-working New Yorkers the perfect place to let off some steam. Take these beauties at the Hudson for example. A long day at the office is quickly forgotten with a few sets on these beautiful courts set beneath the city’s skyscrapers.

PadelX, Dubai, UAE

padel court in the water in Dubai

Padel has exploded in popularity over the last twelve months in Dubai and so of course the city has gone above and beyond with its facilities. These incredible floating courts in JLT are some of the most unique in the world, and are a beautiful place to play, both when the sun is up and when the floodlights come on. Thankfully, there’s extra netting above the glass to stop any wayward balls flying into the water. The club also hosts yoga classes on the court – not while a match is on, obviously.

Adare Manor, Ireland

man playing padel indoors

Not only is this five-star hotel and golf resort home to a Michelin-starred restaurant and superb gardens, the 2027 host of the Ryder Cup is also now the proud home of The Padel Club – an indoor sanctuary for padel lovers, with courts boasting outstanding views of the manor’s sprawling surroundings. And there’s more, not only does the venue have courts, The Padel Club is also equipped with an indoor relaxation pool, a golf simulator, a gym, and a yoga and fitness studio, so you’ll never want to leave.

Bali Padel Academy, Bali, Indonesia

indoor padel court

The vision of the Bali Padel Academy founders was to build the most beautiful padel club in the world, and who are we to argue with that they’ve created! Up to 200 spectators can watch the action on the seven state-of-the-art, international-standard courts. Not only are the courts top notch, there’s also a whirlpool, swimming pool, sauna, and ice bath for when players have had enough of padel (if that’s possible). There’s also a nearby restaurant where you can enjoy a post-game meal while watching the action on court.

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