New Study Claims 85 per cent of EU Sow Farms Keep Pigs in ‘Cruel Cages’

An investigation into 16 sow farms supplying UK supermarkets with luxury products Parma and Bayonne ham has revealed female pigs are kept in ‘unimaginably cruel cages’.

by Nick Ames

Fishless Oceans: Will We Pay the Ultimate Price in the Future for Overfishing?

Thirty per cent of our oceans have already been pushed beyond their biological limits so will overfishing drive fish past the point of no return by 2048?

by Sarah Freeman

UAE’s Great Battery Challenge School Winners Announced

Schools in the UAE have been awarded cash prizes after a record turnout for Beeah Education’s Great Battery Challenge

by Claire Wills

Appetite for Extinction. Frogs Under Threat from EU Demand for Legs

Why the insatiable EU appetite for frogs legs could see some amphibians disappear for good.

by Nick Ames

Malala Day: How We Can All Be More Like Malala

As a child, she highlighted the injustices of life under Taliban rule and went on to campaign for women’s education after surviving an assassination attempt. Now, on Malala Day, we can all try to be more courageous

by Christine Fieldhouse

Octopus Numbers Surge off UK’s Cornish Coast

The number of octopuses seen along Cornwall’s coasts has skyrocketed with numbers not seen in the area for 70 years

by Nick Ames

The Unhappy Tale of the Fight to Free Happy the Melancholy Elephant

In an historic ruling, the New York Court of Appeals rules Asian elephant must stay in zoo but two of the judges claim captivity is cruel

by Karen Pasquali Jones and Nick Ames

Getting Drastic With Plastic. Local UAE Ecopreneurs Give Tips on Living Plastic Free

On July 3, International Plastic Bag Free Day, we talk to some of the UAE’s eco-preneurs to hear how they think we should eliminate plastic from our day to day lives

by Anthea Ayache

Spinneys UAE Launch Statement Tote Bag From Upcycled Plastics 

Created in collaboration with local sustainable artist Peahead Eco, the limited-edition shopper supports the nation’s ban on single-use plastics

by Harriet Shephard