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Ecocide: The Environmental Impact Of War

Beyond the human tragedy, from catastrophic loss of life to orphaned and injured children, war’s destructive and long-lasting effects on our natural environment is deliberate ecocide

by Caitriona McBride

From Rehab to Reef: The Dubai Project Returning Rescued Turtles To Sea

In a heartwarming send-off the Dubai Turtle Rehabilitation Project sent 12 turtles splashing back to sea yesterday but their work is on-going all year round

by Anthea Ayache

COP28 Unpacked: Essential Things to Know and How They Affect You

We’ve decoded COP28 so you can discover how the pivotal climate summit will shape your world and redefine our collective future

by Kate Hardcastle

‘This is an Absolute Humanitarian Disaster’ Exclusive PCRF President Steve Sosebee On Gaza Crisis

As the death toll surpasses 9000 in Gaza, including 3,760 Palestinian children, The Ethicalist talks to Steve Sosebee Founder and Vice President of the PCRF
WARNING: Distressing Images

by Anthea Ayache

Turbulence Alert: How Climate Change is Stirring Up a Storm in the Skies

From advancements in turbulence detection systems to revised flight paths, the industry is not merely buckling up for more bumps; it’s redefining the way we fly in the face of a shifting climate

by Josh Sims

The UAE’s Young Eco Warriors: Saving Our Planet, One Tree and One Robot at a Time

Meet siblings Sainath and Sai Sahana Manikandan, two Abu Dhabi based eco warriors who arenot only planting trees, and recycling but have developed a marine robot to clean our seas and an agri robot to alleviate world hunger

by Tessy Koshy

Tarahum for Gaza: How to Donate To Palestinian Families in Need

Drop off centres, fundraising initiatives and events in aid of Gaza that are happening in the UAE  

by Harriet Shephard

Hit The Trails: Six Beautiful Hikes to Try in The UAE 

Spanning lush green wadis, hidden beaches and extraordinary canyons, the UAE is home to some incredible hikes

by Harriet Shephard

5-Meter Sea Level Rise Looms As Experts Warn We Have ‘Lost Control’ of Melting Ice Shelves

Research suggests that even if we limit temperature rise to 1.5 degrees Celsius, climate change could still cause the ocean to warm at three times the historical rate, melting ice shelves and causing a major sea level rise

by Nick Ames