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A Tiger Tale: How India’s Innovative Bengal Tiger Conservationists Are Earning Their Stripes

Complex, captivating and sometimes controversial, India’s countrywide efforts to bring its charismatic Bengal tigers back from the brink has made it a global conservation success story

by Sarah Freeman

Ride to Rescue: Meet the Woman Saving the UAE’s Sick and Disabled Horses

‘Just because a horse can’t be ridden anymore, it doesn’t mean it deserves to die’ – Yasmin Sayyed, founder of horse shelter Ride to Rescue, explains why she has dedicated her life to caring for unwanted horses

by Harriet Shephard

Saving Thailand’s Street Begging Elephants From The Concrete Jungle

Malnourished, chained and often drugged, Thailand’s sacred elephants were forced out of their camps and forests by Covid onto the streets but life in the concrete jungle is taking a devastating toll on these gentle giants

by Sarah Freeman

Veganuary Unveiled: Co-Founder Matthew Glover Shares the Story Behind the Movement

Co-founder Michael Glover tells The Ethicalist his reasons behind creating Veganuary and unveils its journey from a simple idea to a global movement

by Josh Sims

Presents for Palestine: Buy Gifts That Help Those in Need This Christmas

Discover the true spirit of giving with meaningful gifts from 13 organisations supporting Palestine this Christmas

by Kaya Scott

Masdar Partners With UK To Create World’s Biggest Offshore Wind Farm

Rishi Sunak announces deal with Masdar at COP28 to create renewables programme that will power three million homes with help of the UAE’s clean energy company

by Nick Ames

The Green King Charles’ Speech: ‘Hope Of The World’ Pinned On COP28

The British monarch, King Charles, called the global climate summit being held in Dubai an ‘unmissable opportunity’ for humanity’s future

by Nick Ames

UAE Pledges $100 Million For Loss and Damage Fund On Opening Day of Cop28

The opening day of Cop28 delivered an historic loss and damage deal that saw the UAE and Germany pledge $100 million for vulnerable countries in the face of climate change

by Nick Ames

Meat’s Nightmare Impact: Why The ‘Steaks’ are High for Our Planet’s Health

Meat production is responsible for about 40 per cent of all deforestation while producing just one pound of beef requires approximately 1,800 gallons of water

by Anthea Ayache