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Hope And Celebrations As South Korea Vows To Ban Cruel Dog Meat Trade

Dogs and cats will be off the menu in South Korea if an act to ban the cruel dog meat trade is rushed through parliament by the end of the year

by Karen Pasquali Jones

Paper Receipts: The Troublesome Truth

In the US, a staggering 10 million trees are felled annually just for paper receipts…Venkat Reddy, founder and CEO of Klipit, a digital receipt solution, sheds light on why it’s crucial for the world to move beyond this outdated tradition

by Venkat Reddy

Welcome to the Neighbourhood: How 15-Minute Cities Are Coming to Life in the UAE

With COP28 just around the corner, Expo City and Masdar City are setting an example for sustainable urban planning in the UAE, with ambitions for 15-minute cities

by Georgia Lewis

UAE Opens Wind Farms in Advance of COP28

23,000 homes in different parts of the emirates will be powered by the new wind farms

by Nick Ames

Shield Your Sanctuary: How To Climate Proof Your Home

From planting native, water absorbing plants to making sure your AC units are functioning optimally, there’s lots you can do to climate proof your home

by Charlotte Ward

Purchasing with Purpose: Your Guide to Supporting Palestine in the UAE

Unlock the power of purposeful shopping to support Palestine with our guide to UAE artisans that are raising funds for Gaza

by Kaya Scott

Ecocide: The Environmental Impact Of War

Beyond the human tragedy, from catastrophic loss of life to orphaned and injured children, war’s destructive and long-lasting effects on our natural environment is deliberate ecocide

by Caitriona McBride

From Rehab to Reef: The Dubai Project Returning Rescued Turtles To Sea

In a heartwarming send-off the Dubai Turtle Rehabilitation Project sent 12 turtles splashing back to sea yesterday but their work is on-going all year round

by Anthea Ayache

COP28 Unpacked: Essential Things to Know and How They Affect You

We’ve decoded COP28 so you can discover how the pivotal climate summit will shape your world and redefine our collective future

by Kate Hardcastle