Wiped Out! Boots Bans Plastic Wet Wipes

In a victory for the environment, plastic wet wipes are given the boot by the UK pharmacy chain Boots the […]

by Anthea Ayache

Choughs Chuffed to be Back in the Wild

The historic bird will be reintroduced to the wild this summer in the UK city of Cantebury

by Anthea Ayache

Rescued Bears Back in the Limelight

A pair of rescued Bulgarian bears are out of ‘torpor’ and ready to receive fans at their English woodland home

by Anthea Ayache

Licence to Krill: Is This Whale A Russian Spy?

How a charity is trying to save an escaped beluga whale thought to have been trained as a secret agent by the Russian military

by Nick Harding

Rent a Coffin: The Ultimate Sustainable Funeral

When her mother died and her sister was killed, Sophia Campbell-Shaw created a willow coffin that helps the planet as well as grieving families

by Karen Pasquali Jones