Don’t Miss The Ethicalist’s Next Conscious ClothesSwap Party

Fancy a new environmentally-friendly outfit, plus drinks, nibbles and a great night out while helping the planet? Then don’t miss our Conscious Clothes Swap Party – Pre-Order Your Free Tickets Now!

You came. You swapped. You conquered – well you did your bit for the climate crisis, the planet and for your closet. Our very first Conscious Clothes Swap Party, held at Media One in collaboration with The Climate Club, was a runaway – or should that be runway? – success earlier this month. So much so, that we were inundated with requests to hold another one. 

That’s why we’ve been busy putting together a bigger and even better event so more of you can embrace pre-loved fashion, learn how to be sustainably stylish and tackle climate change (oh and maybe pick up a Valentino bag – or two!). 

People loved the outdoor venue so, before the summer sets in we will be teaming up with Media One hotel’s Coco Lounge again for another sunset event. 

This time the party is FREE to attend and, rather than limiting guests to ten items to swap, people can bring as many clothes, bags and accessories as they like. 

Be in the first 50 people to pre- register and you could be one of ten people to win a makeover, styling session and then have your professional photo taken in your new outfit.  Just fill in your details here and we will keep you posted as the event gets closer. 

Date: Monday 29th April 
Location: Coco Lounge Media One Hotel 
Time: 6-9pm