Homegrown Heroes: The Middle East Makeup Brands You Need to Know 

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Ethical and locally owned, these amazing boutique makeup brands will have you glowing from the inside out  

Supporting local entrepreneurs and businesses is a key part of being a conscious consumer, and this includes where you buy your favourite makeup.  

While Dubai-based Huda Beauty is firmly established as one of the world’s biggest beauty empires, few people realise that the region is also home to heaps of fabulous small and up-and-coming vegan makeup brands.

Locally made and chemical free, they’re all driven by a desire to help women feel confident and unstoppable, and preserve the planet around us.

So, next time you need to refresh your makeup bag, remember that you don’t need to purchase from soulless global commercial businesses and have them shipped in from the other side of the world. Instead, check out our list of the most ethical, and thoroughly vetted, vegan beauty brands that have been founded right here in the Middle East.


Founded in the UAE and made in the UK, Arooba specialises exclusively in ‘clean glam’ eyeshadow palettes. Offering three different sets in a glorious array of matte, glitter, and metallic shades, every product is produced in small batches, and with the utmost precision and care. Containing brightening beetroot and tuberose, soothing sunflower oil, calming passion flower oil, moisturising coconut oil, and many more natural plant extracts and botanicals, they’re all created to care for your skin, and make you look incredible. Vegan and cruelty free, each gentle, chemical-free, and versatile eyeshadow is also suitable to be used on the face and lips. 



Created in Dubai by two makeup-loving sisters, Avvai is renowned for being one of the most genuinely ‘clean’ and inclusive makeup brands in the UAE. The collection’s much-loved lip pastes and eyebrow pencils contain nourishing ingredients such as shea butter, candelilla wax, and macadamia oil, and all the packaging is fully recyclable and made from PCR (Post Consumer Recycled) packaging.

Plus, with everything purposefully created to withstand the local climate and temperatures of up to 50 degrees Celsius, you don’t have to panic if you accidentally leave them in your hot car.  
@avvaibeauty and available at misspaletteable.com


two bottles of eyebrow and lash serum in black and white

Inspired by the founder’s childhood in Geneva, Switzerland, the main ingredient of CHADO’s cruelty-free make up is uniquely derived from Uttwiler Spätlauber, otherwise known as the rare Swiss ‘miracle apple’. Spanning high-quality eyeliners, mascaras, brow serums, foundations, concealers, and lipsticks, all infused with shea butter, cotton oil, castor oil, aloe vera, and more skin-kind ingredients, it’s got your whole makeup routine covered. Plus, if you can’t get enough of these luxurious and elegant products, you can elevate your look even further by visiting the CHADO salon and wellness centre in Jumeirah 2.

F C Beauty

glimmering glittery silver nail polish

Focusing on clean glamour and guilt-free beauty, FC Beauty has been shaking up the cosmetics scene in the UAE since 2018. Specialising in halal, non-toxic and cruelty-free products, this local brand offers a wide range of nail polishes and makeup that steers clear of harmful ingredients like alcohol, formaldehyde, parabens and ethanol.

FC Beauty’s unique formula not only ensures a guilt-free experience but also provides an incredibly long-lasting manicure with an amazing finish. Available in an array of matte, shimmery, and gel-like options, their highly pigmented shades offer opaque coverage and a dazzling, luxurious look.


box with woman's face with two lipsticks in orange and red either side

Created by local Persian entrepreneur Sahar Zarghamian, the UAE-made eye and lip products from GLOSSIC are as glossy and glamorous as they are ethical. Suitable for sensitive skin and containing as many natural ingredients as possible, including rosemary leaf extract to extend shelf life, and sunflower oil to ensure smooth and even lipstick application, the vegan business also donates a portion of its profits to sustainability initiatives across the world. Launched in May 2023 after Zarghamian quit her male-dominated, corporate job in Dubai to pursue her passion for creating and innovating, its collection is gradually being expanded with each passing month.  


Lyda Beauty 

black eyeliner

Most of us have felt the frustration of fruitlessly trying to master a perfectly smooth, even, and elegant cat eye. But, before you give up on liquid eyeliner forever, you should know that Lyda Beauty has an ingenious solution. Simplifying the process into something that even the most beginner makeup novice can master, its award-winning Cleopatra Cat Eye Stamp contains both a stamp for the eyeliner ‘wing’, and a fine-point applicator. Born in Iran and raised in Switzerland after her family moved there as refugees, founder Lyda Fischer is passionate about making the beauty industry more inclusive. Now based in Dubai, she also offers easy-to-apply and long-lasting highlighters, eyeshadows, and blushers to suit all skin tones.


No Brainer by Sani

11 makeup brushes

Founded by UAE-based beauty influencer and makeup artist Saniksha Adnani, No Brainer by Sani is a small boutique brand that offers sets of 11 vegan, cruelty free, and hypoallergenic fibre makeup brushes. Inspired by people’s complaints that they don’t understand what each makeup brush is meant to be used for, Sani created her sets to make it easy for everyone to master professional makeup application. The website offers a full and detailed description of how to use each brush, while the price is refreshingly affordable, too. 


Skin Story 

skin story multistick makeup

Another sister-founded and ethical brand from Dubai, Skin Story is built on a mission to allow women with every kind of skin type and tone to enjoy non-toxic makeup. Free from artificial dyes, colourants, and talc, every product is sold in sustainable packaging, and enhanced with natural oils derived from avocado, japonica seed, and marula. The face and lip Multi Sticks remain one of the top bestsellers, while the BARE Sticks with inbuilt SPF are a moisturising daily essential. Also offering lipsticks, eyeliners, brow serums, makeup brushes, and more, it’s also available in Faces stores.

@skinstoryme and available at misspaletteable.com

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