World First as Cheetahs Return to India After 70 Year Absence

Namibia donates eight cheetahs to India, a first for the intercontinental relocation of the world’s fastest moving land mammals

by Nick Ames

Gorillas In The Wild: How We Can Save The Great Apes

Our closest living relatives are under threat from mining, poaching, climate change and even Covid but innovative programmes are helping to save endangered gorillas

by Sarah Freeman

Project Zambezi – 2,500 Animals Relocated from Parched Zimbabwe Reserve to Cool River Region

Iconic species including elephants, lions, buffalo, impala, and zebras are being relocated from Zimbabwe to a 1.6 million acre UNESCO site on the Zambezi river.

by Nick Ames

The Shocking Donkey Skin Trade Scandal: Why Millions Are Being Killed To Cure Insomnia

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT Criminal gangs are slaughtering donkeys to make ejiao for Chinese medicine to ‘cure’ a dry cough and aid sleep

by Nick Harding

Taiji’s Brutal Dolphin Hunt Season Starts with Slaughter

A pod of nine dolphins has already been slaughtered in the barbaric Japanese dolphin hunting season that captures the mammals for meat or to become performers in parks and aquariums

by Nick Ames

Cedar Forest Fires Sparked by Lebanon’s Economic Crisis

The emblem of Lebanon, the vulnerable cedar tree is at risk from various factors including climate change and increasingly, man made fires.

by Hannah Jo Uy

The New Buzz About Honey Bees: Why They’re Good For People And The Planet

One third of the world’s food production depends on honey bees but they’re battling climate change, pesticides and our insatiable appetite for the liquid gold to survive. On National Honey Bee Day, we lift the sticky lid on the lives of these industrious insects

by Sarah Freeman

The Killing Forests: How Palm Oil Is Threatening To Make Orangutans Extinct

Used for lipsticks, toothpaste and even biodiesel, palm oil is destroying swathes of primary forest, leaving the orangutans who live there starving, homeless and ‘critically endangered’ – the final tier before extinction

by Anthea Ayache

Africa Calls to Protect World’s Remaining Hippos

Guinea and Mali are among the African nations calling for greater protection for hippos

by Nick Ames