Eroego – The ‘Ugly’ Fruit and Veg Delivery Service Launches in the UAE

They’re fighting food waste by reclaiming produce that’s intended for the bin and delivering them to your doorstep for almost half the price

EroeGo is on a mission to rescue delicious, fresh, ‘ugly’ groceries so farmers, retailers and wholesalers who can no longer sell them don’t have to send them to waste.

Instead, they package them up and deliver the quality, affordable groceries right to your doorstep. They might be too small, too big, or simply too ugly but they taste exactly the same. If not better when you take into account the feel good factor.

So why are Eroego doing this? Because unnecessary food waste has to stop. Particularly in the UAE where 1 million tonnes of perfectly good food is wasted every year!

How does it work? Go to the website, choose a box of fruit and/or veg that suits your needs then simply place an order for a weekly subscription. It not only saves you time but with their hugely discounted prices, slashes your grocery bill by as much as 30 per cent. It’s a game changer.

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