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Six Crystals We All Need In Our Lives Right Now

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Hoping to clinch that new job or meet the man of your dreams? Some say it’s woohoo, others swear by it. We speak with Laura Konst, owner of ethical crystal company Tali & Loz to see if crystals really do hold the answers

Crystals seem to be everywhere you look right now – from restaurant decor and candle inserts to celebrity Instagram feeds and the latest jewellery ranges. 

But they are more than just pretty stones – they are believed to have healing properties that help you heal from the inside out, thanks to the varying vibrations they emit. It is not a new idea – crystals have been around and used for thousands of years – but they are currently seeing a huge resurgence. 

Here Laura Konst, owner of ethical crystal company Tali & Loz, reveals the top five crystals that could give you that much needed boost this summer, whether it is in the health, career, or romance department… 

Aquamarine – for clarity

Aquamarine gives us the ability to sift through information, enhance mental clarity, and soothe an overactive mind.

If the chaos of the last couple of years has left you lacking direction – and let’s face it, you wouldn’t be alone – Aquamarine is apparently the stone that can help tackle that. 

Laura says: “It gives us the ability to sift through energy and information, enhance mental clarity, and soothe an overactive mind. Use aquamarine to help you determine what you want to do this year and what you’d like to manifest.”

She recommends sitting with this pale blue crystal when meditating or wearing it as part of your jewellery to welcome in those moments of clarity. 

As an added bonus, using this stone may help you improve self-compassion while at the same time, softening tendencies toward judgement. 

Rhodochrosite – for love 

pink rhodocrosite crystal
Love is…owning a rhodochrosite crystal that is all about romance

More than just pretty in pink, this beautiful crystal is considered a real love healer. Reportedly very energetic and spiritually active, it works wonders to support and heal emotions, and aid in the stimulation of love and compassion towards yourself and others. 

Rhodochrosite has quite the history, used as far back as the time of ancient Inca tribes who believed it was formed from the blood of kings and queens. 

Laura says: “Rhodochrosite will open up and heal your heart with its calming vibrations and mend emotional wounds.

“When facing painful situations, this crystal gives us the courage to trust, improves self-worth and soothes emotional stress. It allows us to be brave and open to love in its most beautiful and purest form. Consider it your own personal Cupid!”

Moldavite – for transformation

According to Laura of all the crystals, this is one that can completely change your life, habits and attitude. Credit: Tali & Loz

If you are looking to bring about big changes in your life, then Moldavite is the stone for you. Whereas the other crystals work subtly at varying levels, this bad boy is known as ‘the stone of transformation’ for a reason. 

Laura says: “It has the power to completely change your life, habits, attitude and bring the abundance and changes you deeply wish for. This precious stone drives you to dive deep within yourself and observe with clarity and purpose.” 

So powerful are the vibrations purported to be, that Laura recommends treating Moldavite with care and getting used to it slowly. 

Literally made from stardust, it arrived on Earth 15 million years ago, but its popularity has massively exploded over the last two years. Getting hold of the real deal has become trickier as a result so be sure to check the reputation of the seller before parting with your cash.

Carnelian – for energy and creativity

red Carnelian stones laying next to one another
Carnelian is known for bringing in positivity and breaking through depressive energy

One look at this orangey-red stone, and you can practically see the fiery, raw energy bouncing out of it. It is believed to stimulate the Sacral Chakra which plays a role in our connection to creativity, sexuality and fertility – quite the power combo! 

A good kickstarter if you have had a sluggish start to the year so far, Laura says: “Carnelian is a great stone to work with all year around because it is known for bringing in positivity and breaking through depressive energy. Use this stone to encourage a stronger love for life within yourself and align your energy with the natural energy of the season.”

Carnelian is also thought to boost confidence, and protect against negative energy.

Pyrite – for abundance and protection

6 smooth circles of pyrite crystals on wooden surface
If you’re embarking on a new journey in your life, pyrite may be the crystal for you. Credit: Tali & Loz

Starting a new job, or taking on a new project? Pyrite is known as ‘the stone of luck’ and is widely used for manifesting abundance. 

Laura says: “It can bring positive energy and helps you feel more confident and empowered. A great crystal to have for anyone that is starting on a new life path, or just wants to have that boost.” 

Of all the crystals, it is said to encourage health, intellect, and emotional well-being, sharpen your perceptions and boost learning and intelligence. We’ll take some of that please! 

Pink Amethyst – for cleansing and recharging

Amethyst is believed to be particularly useful in times of mental stress and heavy emotional burdens. 

Soft, warm and nurturing, Pink Amethyst can make a beautiful addition to any crystal collection. It is thought to be good for cleansing, recharging and balancing your energy levels, particularly useful in times of mental stress and heavy emotional burdens. 

Laura says: “It will spread its healing vibrations through you, allowing you to overcome grief and negative self-beliefs. It is also linked to heightened intuition, security, clarity and strength. “Use it during meditation to practice gratitude and forgiveness towards others and yourself.” 

To find out more about these crystals, learn more about others, or chat to Laura for advice, go to www.taliandloz.com

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