The Unexpected Silver Lining Of Having An Autistic Child

Loyal, loving and honest, autistic children are far from the stereotypes depicted in films like Rainman so why are they so misunderstood and marginalised?

by Georgina Fuller

120 UK Lawyers Refuse To Prosecute Peaceful Climate Activists

More than 120 lawyers have signed a pledge not to prosecute peaceful climate activists nor act for fossil fuel interests

by Nick Ames

Ugly Veg Providers HeroGo Share Top Tips for Reducing Food Waste This Ramadan

In the UAE we waste 4.5kg of food a day during the Holy Month but Herogo – the UAE’s first ‘ugly fruit and veg provider’ is here to help with tips we can all embrace for Ramadan and beyond

by Courtney Brandt

Oldest Orca in Captivity, Tokitae To Be Released In Home Waters

Tokitae will return to the Pacific Ocean after 50 years of performing at the Miami sea-life centre

by Nick Ames

Scottish Wildcats To Roam Free In The Country’s Largest National Park

Known as the Highland Tiger it’s hoped the conservation effort will protect the endangered Scottish Wildcat

by Nick Ames

Full Beam Ahead For The Solar Car Revolution

The future of cars looks decidedly sunny – it might have taken almost 60 years, but we are finally on the cusp of a solar car revolution

by Nick Harding

Sheikh Khaled bin Mohamed bin Zayed Appointed as Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi

The UAE President has issued a decree appointing Sheikh Khaled bin Mohamed bin Zayed as Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi

by Nick Ames

Stressed Out? Grazing Sheep Could Hold The Cure

According to researchers at a US university watching sheep on campus improves student’s mental health and calms exam nerves

by Nick Ames

UAE Chefs Share Their One Pot Ramadan Wonders Perfect For Iftar or Suhoor

Forget the washing up – these Ramadan delights are quick, easy to make and taste amazing for Iftar or Suhoor

by Hayley Alexander

World’s Loneliest Orca Dies After Four Decades in Captivity

Kiska the orca inspired change in Canada’s law to protect sea mammals

by Anthea Ayache