Bombs, bullets and being trafficked from the war zone: how the sex trade is preying on Ukrainian refugees

They may think that because they’ve escaped the horror of war they’re safe, but for Ukrainian women and children there’s a new threat from traffickers

by Nick Harding

Alexa, Get Out Of My Life

Smart devices, speakers and wearable tech are being used to solve crimes, but they could also make you vulnerable to criminals in the first place 

by Nick Harding

Rent a Coffin: The Ultimate Sustainable Funeral

When her mother died and her sister was killed, Sophia Campbell-Shaw created a willow coffin that helps the planet as well as grieving families

by Karen Pasquali Jones

Octopus Numbers Surge off UK’s Cornish Coast

The number of octopuses seen along Cornwall’s coasts has skyrocketed with numbers not seen in the area for 70 years

by Nick Ames

Campaigners Lose Landmark Animal Rights Case: Happy the Elephant ‘Not a Person’ Rules New York Court 

Happy the elephant, resident at a Bronx zoo for 45 years, must stay there after court rules she is not legally a person under US law.

by Nick Ames

The Man Who Invented a Magic Sand That Can Turn Deserts Green

Chandra Dake is the inventor of ‘Magic Sand’, a product that could transform the thirsty desert into lush, productive farmland

by Anthea Ayache

Steve Sosebee on the Grim Reality of Life in Palestine

Three decades after launching the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund (PCRF) Steve Sosebee reflects on the challenges and rewards of serving a dysfunctional and highly politicised health sector

by Samia Qaiyum

Business Guru Kate Hardcastle Talks Sustainability and the Role of Consumers

We talk to Kate Hardcastle MBE, the UK’s consumer insights expert, as she launches her own sustainability business Buy Smarter, Buy Greener.

by Anthea Ayache

The ComplEAT guide to the unusual food parts you didn’t know you could eat 

Food waste plays a big role in the climate crisis, but compleating – eating every edible part of our food – means delicious meals and zero waste

by Ellen Tout

Sustainable Fashion Brands Leading the Way

As consumers rethink their shopping habits, there is an increasing demand for more sustainable fashion. Here we choose our top picks.

by Irene Feeney

How to Deal with a Sanctimummy

She’s in the park, the play area and behind you in the supermarket. And while she wants the best for her child and the planet, the way the Sanctimummy judges everything you do as a parent could leave you feeling a failure. Here’s how to deal with a self-righteous Sanctimummy

by Holly Catling

Veggie Summer Delights: Just Add Sunshine!

These simple yet tasty vegetarian dishes are quick to make and are perfect for eating al fresco or inside whatever the weather

by Karen Pasquali Jones

Vegan Speedy Suppers You Can Make In Less Than Half an Hour

From Pad Thai to Nasi Goreng and onion tart these vegan dishes are big on flavour even if you’re short on time

by Karen Pasquali Jones