The Sustainable UAE Artists Turning Trash into Treasure

These UAE artists are using their creative expression as a medium for spreading the message of sustainability

by Tessy Koshy

Baby Chimp Chained By The Neck Rescued in Cameroon

The nine month old chimp was rescued by the Last Great Ape Organisation as she was about to be sold into the pet industry

by Nick Ames

Adventure of a Lifetime: The Best Places To See Gorillas in the Wild

This World Gorilla Day we highlight the last few places in the world where conservation vacationers can see these highly endangered primates and celebrate those working to preserve the species

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Changing Lanes: How Ready Is The UAE For An EV Switch?

From building a network of charging stations to availability of electric vehicles on the market, we look at how ready the UAE is to reach their target of 50 per cent EVs on the roads by 2050

by Georgia Lewis

How Asia’s Greater One-Horned Rhino Is Winning The War Against The Climate Crisis

From floods to deadly flowers, the threats facing Nepal and India’s rhinos have been met head on with community-focused conservation projects and a zero tolerance to poachers

by Sarah Freeman

Clear Your Closet Clutter Without Harming the Planet With These Toxic Free Tips

Follow these five easy steps to declutter your closet without sending even a scrap to landfill

by Antoinette Chorlton 

Are You An Eggshell Mum Who’s About To Crack?

Do you go berserk if you child gets a low grade at school or verbally lash out if they accidentally smash a cup? You could be an eggshell mum…

by Hayley Doyle

USA Sees Record Year for Billion Dollar Natural Disasters

From hurricanes to wildfires the US has seen a record breaking number of billion dollar natural disasters this year

by Nick Ames

Slow Fashion For Fast Movers: Four Sustainable Sportswear Brands in the UAE

Want to save the seas, but not sure which brands are ethical and sustainable, then check out these four sustainable sportswear brands committed to making a difference

by Michelle Kuehn

How Wildlife Hunting and Climate Change Are Linked

Poaching not only negatively affects ecosystems and biodiversity but can have severe consequences on climate change according to a new study

by Nick Ames