How To Climate-Proof Your Life Today

The impact of climate change is making global headlines daily, but what can we do to climate-proof our own lives as we face an uncertain future?

by Caitriona McBride

These Documentaries May Not Change Your Life, But Will Make You Think

From climate concerns to health issues the following five documentaries may make you reassess some of your everyday activities

by Anthea Ayache

Fun, Free Activities For Kids (While It’s Still Not Too Hot)

Why not take advantage of the last of the good weather by getting back-to-nature with these fun and absolutely free activities for kids

by Kaya Scott

Me, Myself and My Selfie: The Fascination and Folly of Self Portraits

Is the selfie phenomenon vanity or self-expression? We ask experts, what’s really behind the lens?

by Josh Sims

Record Rainfall Lashes Dubai

Airport, malls, roads and homes suffered severe flooding while there were 18 reported deaths in Oman

by Nick Ames

Green Gastronomy with Chef Russell Impiazzi

Get ready to spice up your podcast playlist with Green Gastronomy, where Executive Chef Russell Impiazzi spills the beans on […]

by Anthea Ayache

Ocean’s Call: Rowing for Change with Toby Gregory

Join The Ethicalist as we chat with Toby Gregory, an intrepid explorer who rowed across the Atlantic ocean for 42 […]

by Anthea Ayache

Chic Thrifting: Discover Our Favourite Second-Hand Stores in the UAE

Thrift shops are no longer rare and hard to find. Here are some of the most fabulous places to pick up unique and affordable clothes, accessories and furniture in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

by Harriet Shephard

Makeup, but Make it Healthy: Your Skin’s New Beauty Besties

From moisturising mascara for lengthy lashes to chili infused gloss for the perfect pout, these 5 natural beauty products are a must for your makeup bag

by Rachel Bassett

DiCaprio Introduces Sustainable Luxury with New Green Champagne Line

Telmont Champagne say they are transforming the industry ‘in the name of Mother Nature’

by Nick Ames