Presents for Palestine: Buy Gifts That Help Those in Need This Christmas

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Discover the true spirit of giving with meaningful gifts from 13 organisations supporting Palestine this Christmas

All we want this Christmas is an end to the horrors faced by the people of Palestine. We shout, we cry, we post and we do all we can in our own ways, however small they may be, to raise awareness and show the world that we stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people. Small gestures may feel useless in the grand scheme of things but collectively they have created a much-needed sense of unity and a reassurance of humanity on which to pin our hopes.

This year, elevate your Christmas shopping experience by choosing products that will contribute to a greater good, whether it’s fashion, beauty or lifestyle, opting for items with a purpose will add meaning to your purchases.

From empowering artisans to helping support the relief efforts in Palestine, join a movement of conscientious consumers and make a difference through purposeful shopping where every purchase symbolizes an act of kindness and cements our support for Palestine. We’ve put together a few ideas to help inspire you.

Activeist Totes

bag with Palestine embroidered on it

We’re huge fans of the Activeist brand – whose range of workout and leisurewear is not only flattering and functional but also made with sustainability at its core. This year, Activeist have introduced a Palestine Graphic Tote Bag featuring intertwined English and Arabic script featuring the symbolic watermelon, made from recycled cotton and created to support Palestine with 20% of proceeds going to Emirates Red Crescent.

Handmade Palestinian Gifts

a handmade palestinian necklace

A website jam packed with the most beautiful artisanal items and Palestinian handicrafts, the work of talented artisans in Palestine together with original designs to highlight the country’s rich culture and heritage. From olivewood utensils to original Keffiyeh scarves, handcrafted jewellery to art prints – each item sold supports Palestinian female artisans and cooperatives. While a number of items are not in stock currently, you can pre-purchase and add your name to a mailing list to be updated on what’s available. We particularly love the 2024 Palestinian Wildflowers Calendar which celebrates the country’s natural beauty.

Share the Meal

Palestinian child eating bread

Christmas is about sharing, giving and food so donating a meal to those in need embodies the spirit of the season. Instead of another meaningless gift, let your recipient know that you’ve contributed to ‘share a meal’, founded under the United Nations World Food Programme, who are on the ground providing life-saving aid to people in Palestine. For only AED 150 you can gift 50 meals (other amounts are available too). In the midst of celebrations, extending generosity is a powerful way to make an impact on the lives of others.


brown shirt with Arabic writing and man's face on the design

Shop the ‘Tin Of Olive Oil’ Collection by Reema Ami which explores her beautiful Palestinian heritage and childhood inspiration. The designer has transformed familiar traditional symbols into fun textile patterns and truly unique pieces, the ‘Baba’s Shirt’ being a particular favourite. A percentage of all proceeds this year will be donated to Tarahum for Gaza.

Saboona Soaps

soaps in the shape of Palestine

Fill Christmas stockings with handcrafted Saboona soaps made locally with all natural Palestinian olive oil, lovingly created by a Gazan who has created specific soap bars to support Tarahum for Gaza.


Platters for Palestine

Food tray with handmade Palestinian food in it

Gift someone a combination of food and art with the very brilliant Platters for Palestine – a collaboration between Platterz and four talented Arab artists whose artwork appears on the packaging. Not only can you bring delicious treats to a festive party this season (choose from falafel bites, spinach triangles and mini shawarmas plus lots more) but the piece of art on each box can be removed and framed/hung as a forever keepsake and reminder of an important cause. 15 per cent of sales from Platters for Palestine will be donated to the JHCO for Palestine.


Peace for Pali

A woman and man wearing hoodies

Created to raise awareness of the situation in Palestine through apparel wear, using words and symbols to show the world a love of the founders home country, the Peace for Pali collection includes jewellery and clothing. A percentage of each sale is donated towards the Palestinian cause.


poster for a campaign about donating shoes to Gaza

Whether for yourself or as a gift, put your best foot forward in a pair of seriously sparkly Red Glitter Shoeq’s – perfect for wearing at this time of year (there’s even a mini version so you can match with your little person). 15 per cent of the sale price will be donated to the Emirates Red Crescent Tarahum for Gaza campaign, so you can look good while doing good too.

Native Threads

A fusion of vintage Middle Eastern elements and modern fashion, Native Threads is a multifunctional lifestyle collective which honours the rich history and culture of the Middle East, working with local artists and charities to champion causes that make a difference. Head to the ‘fundraiser’ section of their website for a range of beautiful artwork, clothing and accessories created specially in support of Palestine – we love the watermelon baseball caps and the ‘Native Artists for Palestine’ line-up of framed wall art that captures the essence of Palestine.

All proceeds go to Medical Aid for Palestinians, an NGO focused on providing much-needed assistance to Palestinian refugees.

People Like Us

Pile of books

Written by local author Lisa Dale, People Like Us is a book inspired by extraordinary true stories of Palestinian and Israeli peace activists, taking readers on an insightful and poignant journey spanning the five decades of the Israeli Occupation of the West Bank. The author’s interest in Palestine dates back to 1988 when she first travelled there for undergraduate research. She is a co-founder of The Palestine Hub, a philanthropic organisation based in the West Bank dedicated to supporting small businesses.

One Humanity T-Shirts

The ‘One Humanity’ project is a call for collective unity and a reminder of our inherent interconnectedness with all life forms, our planet and each other. The range features two limited edition designs, specialty dyed in earthy tones and carrying a simple but powerful message. In partnership with ‘Alashanek Ya Balady’ 100 per cent of profits will be dedicated to supporting Palestinian students in Egypt who have been deeply impacted by the humanitarian crisis in Gaza. The donations will help cover university fees, basic needs and living expenses to build a brighter future for those affected.

blue t shirt

All proceeds from the sales of this book will go to SOS Children’s Villages when bought from Surf House Dubai.

Support Small Palestinian Businesses

Support Palestinian owned businesses here in the UAE and show your support for their homeland and identity. The sad truth is, many of our Palestinian friends will have been directly affected by losing friends and loved ones to this conflict and doing anything we can to demonstrate we care is so important. They may not live in Palestine but Palestine lives in them.

Stock up on beautiful home items and accessories at Home and Soul Furniture, founded by a proud Palestinian for whom creating a sanctuary is so important in these volatile times.

Book your next mani/pedi at Snob Salon, owned by Palestinian entrepreneur and former Beauty Editor Haneen Odeh – we love the attention to detail and cosy feeling at the Jumeirah location.

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