From Lunchboxes to Backpacks: 6 Sustainable UAE Stores That Have Back-to-School Covered

The new school year is almost upon us so let’s make sure the kids are kitted out with back-to-school essentials that they – and the planet – will love

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How To Go On A Retreat Without Paying A Fortune

If it’s serenity with scenery you’re after, forget booking an organised retreat – create a DIY digital detox that’s good for your mind and body and won’t cost the Earth

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Gorgeous Plant-Based Gym Clothes For The Active Activist

Made from castor beans to carrots these stylish and sustainable plant-based gym clothes will have you sweating, not the planet

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How To Plan A Beautiful Zero-Waste Baby Shower

Forget pink or blue – the best baby shower is all green (and Mother Earth will thank you)

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Live Healthier, For Longer: A Holistic Approach to Longevity

While studies towards longevity are still on-going, evidence suggests incorporating these healthy lifestyle practices can help hold back the clock

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9 Ways To Help A Friend Who’s Struggling

A friend in need is a friend indeed, goes the saying, and here’s how you can help yours when they need it

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Summer Cardio: Cool, Fun UAE Gyms to Get Your Blood Pumping

The UAE’s warmer season can make outdoor jogs and bike rides a struggle. Thankfully, numerous gyms offer air-conditioned indoor cardio workouts that are sure to have you feeling fit, happy and motivated all summer long.

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At Home Fun: How To Keep The Kids Busy During The Summer Holidays  

From fort building to innovative arts and crafts we’ve got you covered when it comes to entertaining your kids at home over the long summer holidays

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Because You’re Worth It: How To Avoid The Dangers Lurking In Your Shampoo

Become a green goddess with Dubai’s newest hair and beauty hangout which is on a mission to change the way you look after your hair starting with sustainable shampoo

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