How To Have A Sustainable Summer In The UAE

Host a zero waste party, teach your children to grow their own fruit and vegetables and take the family on a virtual vacation deep into the Amazon jungle – here comes a sustainable summer

by Caitriona McBride

Eco-Luxe Summer Skincare: Pamper Your Skin, Protect the Planet

Say goodbye to summer skin woes and hello to a radiant glow with these essential skincare saviours

by Anthea Ayache

Homegrown Heroes: The Middle East Makeup Brands You Need to Know 

Ethical and locally owned, these amazing boutique makeup brands will have you glowing from the inside out  

by Harriet Shephard

How To Divorce-Proof Your Marriage Today

Using negative communication patterns dubbed The Four Horsemen by psychologists is the death knell for any relationship but you can divorce-proof your marriage with these expert tips

by Christine Fieldhouse

LUSH Turns the Tide on Plastic Pollution with Prevented Ocean Plastic

Natural cosmetics brand LUSH has begun a rollout of Prevented Ocean Plastic packaging that has so far diverted 3 million bottles from polluting Indonesia’s oceans

by Anthea Ayache

The Rise Of Orthorexia Nervosa: The Deadly Healthy Eating Disorder

Three in 10 of us suffer from orthorexia nervosa – an obsession with eating healthily but it could be killing us, experts claim

by Josh Sims

Davines Launches 500ml Refill Pouches: A Sustainable Shampoo Solution

Advance your sustainability journey with the new Davines 500ml shampoo refill pouches, which reduce plastic use by 74 per cent

by Anthea Ayache

Antenatal Depression: Why You Shouldn’t Suffer Alone

One in ten pregnant women suffer from crippling depression but with the right help antenatal depression can be dealt with before the birth of the baby, experts advise

by Hayley Doyle

The Social Media Detox Diaries

What happens when a social media ‘addict’ who would scroll through posts, reels and stories constantly looking for her dopamine hit goes cold turkey and delete her apps? A lot actually…

by Hayley Doyle