Celebrate ‘Life Unboxed’ with Kibsons To Win Credit Worth AED45,000

Kibsons launch their ‘Life Unboxed’ campaign, encouraging families to share their everyday moments and offering the chance to win prizes worth AED45,000

by Anthea Ayache

9 Thoughtful Eco-Friendly Birthday Gifts They’ll Actually Want

Nothing shows just how much you care for your loved one and the planet than an eco-friendly birthday gift on their special day

by Hayley Doyle

‘Buy Nothing Day? I Easily Lasted A Week’

In celebration of Buy Nothing Day – the anti-Black Friday, anti-consumerism global event – can our writer challenge herself to go further and last a week without spending a dirham?

by Hayley Doyle

How To Resist The Buy-Me-Quick Allure Of Hype Culture

From Insta-worthy clothes that get discarded after 24 hours to energy drinks that taste the same as all the others and celebrity-endorsed sneakers we never wear, we’re all buying into destructive hype culture

by Hayley Doyle

The Perfect Eco Gift For A Newborn

From bracelets made from recycled silver to toys that can be passed on through the generations, buy eco gifts that show just how much you care for the planet as well as a newborn

by Hayley Doyle

The Ultimate Green Christmas Gift Guide For Him

There’ll be no boring socks, garish ties or predictable aftershaves under the tree with our round-up of conscious Christmas gifts for the coolest yule

by Karen Pasquali Jones

Get Christmas all Wrapped up with these 6 Planet- Friendly Gift Paper Ideas

Some countries use enough wrapping paper to go around the world 22 times at Christmas.. Be part of the solution this year and use these sustainable gift wrapping options

by Anthea Ayache

Sleigh Your Christmas Shopping With These Stylish and Sustainable Gifts For Her

Yule love our pick of eco-conscious and stunning sustainable gifts that are good for you and the planet

by Karen Pasquali Jones

As Good As (Ethical) Gold: The Very Precious Metal Christmas Gift Edit

Join the rush for green gold over the festive season for the ultimate planet-friendly present

by Karen Pasquali Jones

Confessions of a Shopaholic: How I’ll deal with Buy Nothing Day

How can Buy Nothing Day, designed to stop over consumerism, fall on the same day as Black Friday? And just how easy is it to resist a bargain when there are deals everywhere? The Ethicalist challenges one woman with more than a casual spending habit to find out

by Georgina Fuller